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Synonyms for Etna

an inactive volcano in Sicily

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a gas burner used in laboratories

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Etna concluded, "Each year we have built upon this product line, offering more and more digital solutions to this ever changing consumer market.
4 /PRNewswire/ -- Employees of LandAmerica OneStop are volunteering to work with Habitat for Humanity to build a house for a deserving family in Etna, Pa.
ARTEZ, Etna, and other partners are working on up- and downstream trail development simultaneously with the riverfront project.
Summary: Sicily's Mount Etna has erupted spewing great plumes of bright orange lava into the air.
Visit behind the scenes in a bakery kitchen in Mount Etna foot hill town, Linguaglossa (pop.
MOUNT Etna was yesterday sending huge plumes of black smoke blasting into space.
And the Glasgow-born multi-millionaire also revealed that the threat of Mount Etna is not the only danger he has had to contend with in Sicily.
This project includes five other partners: The Children's Cancer Research Institute (CCRI, Austria), Etna Biotech (Italy), The Istituto Superiore di Sanita (Italy), the Peter McCallum Cancer Institute (Australia), and the University of Regensburg (Germany).
Summary: Mount Etna volcano on the island of Sicily, in southern Italy, started erupting again at the weekend.
The Italian island has been in the news with the volcanic eruptions on Mount Etna and this week's top wine, Grecanico di Sicilia (Sainsbury's, pounds 3.
THE winner of last week's pounds 500 Xword was Mrs C McDougall, Oban YESTERDAY'S SOLUTIONS FADE PRUE LAB OVER HOLD ABE NEAR DANE CUT DRNO MANOR RACE POPS PAS COD SUSH I OSTLER FOSSIL STA I R SAO ELL HITS ETNA UTTER WASP ACT AXED ALTO DUEPINE IBIS DES STEN TART WEE THINKER Across: 1 Dole; 4 Craft; 7 Radar; 8 Addle; 9 Evoke; 10 Broadcloth; 14 Cleans; 16 Brandy; 17 Auctioneer; 22 Stair; 23 Sting; 25 Alert; 26 Rural; 27 Mean.
Summary: Dramatic footage shows the Italian volcano Mount Etna blasting out lava and plumes of smoke.
Joseph Cala, Chairman and CEO of Cala Corporation (OTCBB: CCAA) today announced that Cala of Italy, a wholly owned subsidiary of Cala Corporation, has acquired a 51% interest of the Etna Golf Company of Contrada Rovitello near Taormina in Sicily.
THE cloud from erupting Mount Etna was clearly visible from space yesterday.
A team of talented carpenters, craftsmen, set designers, and make-up artists have spent over six months turning the former Etna Elks Lodge into a gruesome gallery of monsters, mutants, and mayhem.