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Synonyms for etiquette

Synonyms for etiquette

socially correct behavior

Words related to etiquette

rules governing socially acceptable behavior

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For Post, the primary barrier to Smartphone etiquette is time.
Marketing Professor Joel Poor at the University of Missouri hopes etiquette surrounding Smartphone use in the classroom develops at a quicker pace.
The focus shifts to social etiquettes in the second week where children will be taught the skills of social interaction, especially when they are at malls or visiting friends and families.
In the third week, they will learn etiquettes pertaining to going to the park, cinemas, etc.
Etiquette and lifestyle courses are divided into three; the social etiquette which relates to one aspect, the general etiquette which includes that of walk, talk, posture and handshakes, and the business etiquette which refines the attitude in business meeting and boardroom situations.
The survey also identified top mobile etiquette offenses and strange places where people have been spotted using mobile devices.
Intel expert Genevieve Bell provides tips on the proper mobile etiquette.