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  • noun

Synonyms for etymology



  • derivation
  • word history
  • development of words
  • history of words
  • origin of words

Words related to etymology

a history of a word

the study of the sources and development of words

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Por ejemplo, nos los ofrecen Militarev y Stolbova (2007) en la base de datos Star Etimology Database que recogen ejemplos utiles en nuestra investigacion.
This duality survived, as is revealed by the etimology, in two forms se of Latin, which have become independent; the reflexive se, indicating the "self", and the separative se- , sed 'but', marking distinction and opposition'.
Introduction, etimology and bibliography, copia del manuscrito original, 1989
From etimology to pragmatics: the Mind-As-Body metaphor in semantic structure and semantic change".