ethylene glycol

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a sweet but poisonous syrupy liquid used as an antifreeze and solvent

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This marketing agreement follows the start-up of Sasol's new ethylene oxide and ethylene glycol (EO/EG) units in Lake Charles, Louisiana, USA.
The Ethylene Glycol production is part of Sasol's US Mega Project, including a 1.
The planned acquisition by British group Ineos of oil giant BP's ethylene oxide and ethylene glycol businesses at the Dormagen plant in Germany has raised concerns in the European Commission which, after a preliminary investigation, found thatathe proposed takeover could generate significant competition concerns given the strong market position that Ineos would gain on the ethylene oxide market.
The project will include an ethane-based ethylene cracker with a capacity of about 1,000,000 metric tons-per-year and related downstream facilities to convert the ethylene into as much as 750,000 metric tons of polyethylenes and 420,000 metric tons of ethylene glycols.
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