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a flammable colorless gaseous alkene

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Clinical profile of ethylene dibromide (EDB) Poisoning.
That's when ethylene dibromide gas, used to disinfest bananas and other fruits of any hitchhiking fruit flies, was banned.
At that time, the main product was ethylene dibromide, an additive in antiknock gasoline compounds.
The author focuses on seven major health stories: AIDS, cholesterol, radon, the greenhouse effect, nuclear power, cigarette smoking, and the pesticide ethylene dibromide.
It was, to a young chemist's eyes, a wonder of modem chemistry to see the dark red bromine cascade down the column, fade through orange as it reacted with the gas, and then siphon off as the colorless end product: ethylene dibromide.
Though ethylene dibromide (EDB) is best known today as the chemical fumigant banned from use as a pesticide in most U.
Traces of the pesticide, ethylene dibromide, were found in several cake mixes, corn bread mixes and other flour-based products on grocery shelves in several states.