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Mostly Chinese, Filipinas, Thais, Indians, Ethopians, Indonesians, Malaysians, Nepalese and other nationalities are involved in the oldest business called prostitution.
He was also the man who proposed the Stealth Banana, in which technology could be used to pinpoint and fire fruit into the throats of starving Ethopians as an alternative to killing thousands by sending Cruise Missiles down enemy air vents When he died from the ravages of pancreatic cancer at the cruelly young age of 32 in 1994 he was mourned in the devoted way that fans grieved for the rock legends such as Hendrix whom he so admired British comic Chas Early, together with director and co writer, Richard Early, has convincingly resurrected the essence of Hicks, as a man possessed who pursued his muse with an almost missionary zeal.