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the branch of anthropology that provides scientific description of individual human societies

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Ethnography centers on culture (but so can a case study); case studies investigate an instance of some phenomenon in depth, in order to shed light on the phenomenon (but some ethnographies seem to do this, too).
This methodological review can be used as a template for other ethnographies of religious communities.
Taking part in a combined ethnographic and archaeological research project awarded to Washington State University, anthropologist Smith (1913-99) reviews regional ethnographies, studied park records, and interviewed tribal elders to gather information on the Native People who used the Mount Rainier area during living memory.
The use of the term "ethnography" as a general term for empirical research could be misleading for the reader who either expects this book to contain ethnographies or takes this book's contents to define ethnography.
Ethnographies of Doubt: Faith and Uncertainty in Contemporary Societies
Beyond in-home ethnographies, SmartFly will support and augment additional qualitative research methods, such as in-store evaluations, at-event sponsorship assessments, and lifestyle exploration via journals and bulletin boards.
From my examination of current research trends I make the case for ethnographies of interpretation as a way of exploring culturally imbued concepts such as meaning making, symbolic awareness of place, and relationships bound to place.
But more than just questioning the empiricism and objectivity of the "science" of ethnography--an empiricism that had separated anthropology from the humanities--"new ethnography" asked scholars to acknowledge that ethnographies were not straightforward and simple mimetic representations or translations of the lives of Others, or in folklorists' terms, a racialized "folk.
Madden considers examples of ethnographies of social relations in cyber space, such as Second Life, and non-human ethnographies, where social relations are between people and companion animals.
To Bourdieu, any attempt, including the experimental ethnographies, to bring the researcher "fictitiously closer to the imaginary native" can by no means deny the "insurmountable, irremovable" distance between the ethnographer and the represented subjects s/he creates in text (1990:14).
In addition to social work researchers conducting critical ethnographies that adhere to the rigors of formal research, line social workers in these settings could utilize some of the analytic procedures of critical ethnography as heuristic tools in their organizational practices.
Tillmann-Healy further argues that the criteria by which we judge narrative ethnographies are different from those used to evaluate traditional science, but not deficient.
Steinmetz includes their historical origins, ritual and symbolic life, and a careful record of speeches given at communal worship -- an important part of Lakota ritual often omitted in ethnographies in favor of stage directions for rituals.