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The ethnocentrist mentality is not stopping and it experiences an ugly metamorphosis that first has a bad impact on Macedonia and its Euro-integration dimension," Polozani stressed.
Louis, that such departments are, by definition, ethnocentrist.
Above all, he warns us to beware of our own ethnocentrist biases.
Thus, despite general parallels, the estheticism of most twentieth-century Western critical perspectives--current theory and varieties of deconstruction, structuralism, mythicism, and New Criticism, but not the Marxian, the feminist, the ethnocentrist, and the neohistoricist--accords only very slightly with the mainstream classical Indian critical tradition and not at all with the contemporary cultural and social situation.
Most free-market conservatives find joining parties like Fidesz, despite their authoritarian tendencies, to be better than the alternative, which is to align with left-leaning parties or ethnocentrists like Jobbik.