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belief in the superiority of one's own ethnic group

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This notion, that can be referred to as disguised or diffused ethnocentricism, still dominates the Zimbabwe's Secondary School curriculum.
There is a suggestion that Achebe's seeming ethnocentricism in TWAC has somewhat "diminished" him (Adibe 2013).
The second, refers to ethnocentricism and racism encapsulated in Western Christianity (Bastide, 1967).
and narrow-minded ethnocentricism that has led many in Asia, and
I urge all Ivorians to understand their rights and responsibilities and to radically break away from the concepts of Ivoirite, tribalism, ethnocentricism, and the cult of political power-worshipping.
In any case, expressions of ethnocentricism usually have dire consequences for all individuals, but the consequences seem to be more profound for individuals from suppressed cultural groups.
The low opinion of the hunting-gathering economy is not just neolithic ethnocentricism, it is also bourgeois ethnocentrism.
Without civility, social feeling is characterized by defensiveness, ethnocentricism, and the building of barriers against others (Grayling, 2001, p.