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Meanwhile, just 16% of people of other ethnicities (814 out of 5,259) that were stopped and searched were arrested.
y 1,000 were to 0 Around 30 in every mixed race people arrested, compared 16 in every 1,000 Asians and 15 people identifying as other ethnicities out of every 1,000.
They substituted 'African' racial identity for a multiplicity of ethnicities.
We call for the university to allow Dr Nafafe to continue in his role as a teacher and researcher in ethnicities.
7 greater odds of changing their self-identified ethnicity compared to non-Maori; sole groupings for the other three ethnicities did not have increased odds of changing ethnicity when compared with their counterpart "non" ethnic group.
The 1989 edition focused on Native Americans and "white" ethnicities.
The likelihood was also significantly lower among respondents of "other" races and ethnicities than among blacks (0.
Where it's not an oddity to find a cozy, middle-class street with people from many cultures and ethnicities and faiths living peacefully side by side.
We've seen a tot of mixing of ethnicities in our Croatian university.
This is particularly true of women of different races and ethnicities who hold communal values.
Hearing idioms and familiar expressions of the different family members and hearing about their foods, ways of preparing them, their music, songs, musical instruments, and storytelling activities - all of this helps to inscribe readers into what it means to be growing up between two particular ethnicities.
The 1991 Civil Rights Act cemented into law the principle, already used in practice by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, that if your employee pool has a different proportion of races and ethnicities than the available labor pool, you can be liable for a discrimination suit.
is a multicultural and multilingual online store featuring over one million book and music titles organized by regions, ethnicities and countries.
Schools record up to three (or more) ethnicities for each student at the time of enrolment, but the collector of official education statistics, the Ministry of Education, reports ethnicity based on only one per student, following a system of prioritisation that used to be used by Statistics New Zealand but which it no longer recommends.