ethnic cleansing

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the mass expulsion and killing of one ethnic or religious group in an area by another ethnic or religious group in that area

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But respondents were deeply divided about what course to pursue - whether to intensify the fight, fence off Israel to keep Palestinians out, negotiate with them or ethnically cleanse them from the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.
The killings, related impunity and settlement expansion are all methods used in a larger attempt by the Israeli government to ethnically cleanse the Old City of Palestinians.
It featured the Palestinian Authority calling for an international position to stop Israel's policy which aims to ethnically cleanse Palestinians of East Jerusalem.
The plan as published and the systematic cluster of orders, together with other evidence I cite in my book, show a clear intention to ethnically cleanse Palestine from its indigenous population, as indeed happened.
In Kosovo, which is predominantly Albanian, President Clinton is considered a hero for having the United States take a lead role with NATO forces in 1999 to stop Serbs from driving out Albanians to ethnically cleanse the country.
The war in Kosovo was the first war I can remember that was fought for the right reason: to stop a proven despot out to ethnically cleanse a portion of Europe.
With its systematic efforts to steal more Palestinian land and demolish and ethnically cleanse entire Palestinian villages and communities, expand its illegal settlement enterprise and to destroy homes and olive trees throughout occupied Palestine, among other flagrant violations of international law, Israel has clearly demonstrated its blatant intent of destroying the two-state solution and superimposing "Greater Israel" on all of historic Palestine.
Ashrwai pointed out that approving the construction of thousands of settlement units and the demolishing and eviction of Palestinians homes in East Jerusalem aims to ethnically cleanse the indigenous people of the land, isolate Jerusalem from its surroundings and separate the central West Bank from the southern to commence the Jerusalem project.
Prosecutor Dermot Groome told how Mladic used his army to ethnically cleanse much of Bosnia.
Karadzic is blamed for massacring 12,000 civilians in Sarajevo and 8,000 Muslims in Srebrenica in a bid to ethnically cleanse Bosnia.
The farmers accuse the Sudanese government of backing the militias in an effort to ethnically cleanse the area of black Africans.
Serbs have already been accused of terrorising the local population in an effort to ethnically cleanse the area.
As news accounts amply demonstrated, Serb policy was to ethnically cleanse, or violently chase out, all non-Serbs from the areas Serbs coveted.
But this is not just yet another illustration of the apartheid system in occupied al-Khalil, but also the continous denial of freedom of religion and movement for the Palestinians in attempts to ethnically cleanse the area of any Palestinian presence.
With the values of distributing smallpox-infected blankets to the native Americans to ethnically cleanse them from their lands so the settlers could steal it?