racial profiling

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a form of racism consisting of the (alleged) policy of policemen who stop and search vehicles driven by persons belonging to particular racial groups

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ethnic profiling, described as "racist" by human rights groups, is widespread in Israel, at entrances to malls, public and private buildings, airports, etcetera.
Whatever her agenda does include, we can assume it will not include any racial or ethnic profiling.
While Gascon said Tuesday that the department does not plan to change the order, the issue has been controversial in the Latino community, with some believing clarification efforts could loosen the order's protections for immigrants and lead to racial or ethnic profiling by officers.
He will discuss the issues related to national ID cards, tradeoffs between privacy, anonymity, and ID technologies that reduce racial and ethnic profiling.
ARN spokesman Luke Bukha Kasuwanga said: "We are asking for a ban on the practice of ethnic profiling which is experienced by people on a daily basis and for proper measures to be put in place to monitor and prevent institutional racism.
The challenge for mayors and their police departments is to minimize harm and assure immigrant communities that they will not engage in racial or ethnic profiling.
Special Order 40 is a hot- button issue in the Latino community, and some in the community believe changes that loosen the order's protections for immigrants could lead to racial or ethnic profiling by police officers.
The Washington-based Muslim civil rights and advocacy organization called on White House officials to conduct a full investigation to determine whether the funds were used to conduct the NYPD's systematic campaign of religious and ethnic profiling that has been condemned by CAIR and many other civil liberties groups.
They are part of new measures - which may also include controversial ethnic profiling - being rushed through after the Christmas Day terror alert when Nigerian Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab tried to bring down a plane in Detroit.
Without solid criteria on which to make their decision, cops called to distinguish good loiterers from bad ones could easily fall into the traps of harassment or racial and ethnic profiling.
Because of the breakthrough range, precision, and accuracy of our technology we can prevent racial and ethnic profiling, eliminate obtrusive physical safety measures, enable positive identification of shoplifters and provide early warning of terrorists and criminals," said DSC CEO David Guttadauro.
Yet shortly thereafter, the Bush administration rejected using ethnic profiling to spot potential terrorists, and it resisted arming airline pilots until last week.
CNN's Wolf Blitzer, the debate's moderator, asked Santorum: "So just to be precise, is it ethnic profiling, religious profiling, who would be profiled?
Mineta, a son of Japanese immigrants, regards the mere hint of ethnic profiling as the first step toward internment camps.
In August, CAIR called on the New York City Council and Mayor Michael Bloomberg to enforce a law that prohibits the use of racial or ethnic profiling by law enforcement officers.