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Synonyms for nationalism

Synonyms for nationalism

love of country and willingness to sacrifice for it

the doctrine that your national culture and interests are superior to any other

the aspiration for national independence felt by people under foreign domination

the doctrine that nations should act independently (rather than collectively) to attain their goals

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All the talk of alliances and achieving sovereignty in 2018 had a surreal quality, especially considering that the latest polls show a marked decline in sovereigntist sentiment, especially among young people, a decline due in large part to the PQ's antisocial record and its ethnic nationalist campaign.
All three groups contained elites who pressed a strong ethnic nationalist consciousness, perhaps as a means of bridging internal class antagonisms.
The Young Lords, as the first Puerto Rican radical ethnic nationalist group with a national appeal, denounced racism, while simultaneously calling for greater emphasis on their African and Taino histories, which had been ignored by Spanish and American imperialists.
Aceh is frequently cited as an ethnic nationalist rebellion.
We condemn all forms of ethnic nationalist and separatist violence.
But ethnic nationalist sentiments remain strong and the outcome of major races involving hard-line candidates was uncertain.
Others, such as the chapter on the writer Bessie Head or the meditation on the real or potential dangers of ethnic nationalist conflict in the Balkans and democratic South Africa, seem to fit less readily into the main preoccupations of the book, stimulating though they are in themselves.
Ethnic nationalist politics and political movements have highlighted the grievances of their ethnic communities.
Anyone whose father was born in Russia, whose mother was born in England, who was educated in America, and whose working life has been spent in Canada, Great Britain, and France cannot be expected to be much of an ethnic nationalist.
Besides flooding the international arms market with sophisticated weapons, the retreat of the superpowers is creating a vacuum in which ethnic nationalist groups around the world-Tamils, Croatians, Igbos, Azerbaijanis, Sikhs-can press their demands.
But the Myanmar ethnic nationalist under General Ne Win replied with a military coup in 1962.
Kemalist leftist intellectuals, including writers for Cumhuriyet, responded to the EU's cold-shouldering of Turkey, and to the American invasion of Iraq, by re-emphasizing the nationalist dimension of their ideology in a more secularized, ethnic nationalist manner.
In Burma both the elites and the masses were equally threatened and obviously ethnic nationalist rebellion provided for both a response which offered a symbolic solution- the assertion of a group worth, status and rights- and also, potentially, a practical solution- authority positions for the elites and communal stability for the ethnic masses.
Can one extricate the interests of ethnic nationalist structures?
Potentially dangerous ethnic nationalist tensions bring with them the danger that the Communists' option of "saving the country" from chaos may be reinforced.
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