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a group that has different national or cultural traditions from the majority of the population

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Justice Minister Andrew Selous said that in 2013/14, 38% of young offenders were from ethnic minorities, up from 30% in 2010/11.
The director-general said he wanted to see ethnic minorities account for 15 per cent of air talent in the next three years.
The Response : Working in accordance with national poverty reduction initiatives in ethnic minority areas, the programme aims to support government efforts to increase equality and alleviate poverty among ethnic minorities, and thereby contribute to the construction of a harmonious society in China.
When the Echo asked Mr Michael, why his office didn't do more to reach people from ethnic minorities for the consultation, he admitted there is still a "long way to go" for the force.
It showed people from ethnic minorities had a much stronger sense than white people that they could influence decisions affecting their areas.
As a result over 50s from ethnic minorities are likely to present much later to their GPs with cancer symptoms and therefore have a lower chance of survival.
Though the data indicates that racial and ethnic minorities may smoke less, the study found that they also might have less success quitting compared to non-Hispanic whites.
Ethnic minorities worker Patrick Yu said: "Over the last eight years the police have improved recruitment from ethnic minority communities in particular and I am pleased to see they are progressing.
ETHNIC minorities might never be properly represented in the workplace, especially in management jobs, according to a new report.
THE gap between the employment rate for ethnic minorities and the general population is still "significant" and could take 30 years to eliminate, according to an official report.
Party chiefs think they are urgently needed to boost the number of MPs from ethnic minorities.
Ethnic Minorities, Electronic Media, and the Public Sphere: A Comparative Approach.
To make the BE Best Companies for Diversity list, a company must demonstrate significant representation of African Americans and other ethnic minorities in four key areas: corporate procurement, corporate boards, senior management, and total workforce.
Ethnic minorities often find that they feel isolated from their academic communities of practice (Cooper, 2000; Manzo, 1994; McJamerson, 1990).
The report shows that ethnic minorities make up a mere 10 percent of the television writing work force and women make up only 27 percent.
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