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Also, Igbo and Yoruba ethnic groups, being illiterate, hypertension and greater severity of hypertension, low BMI (underweight), longer ocular axial length, higher IOP were also positively associated with OAG.
It is the tenth time they have been ranked the lowest or second lowest performing ethnic group in the past decade.
Within the Bulgarian ethnic group, the poor are mainly pensioners (49.
If Suu Kyi is able to find a common ground between the representatives of ethnic groups, Myanmar's military and the government, then it would be a historical achievement," Marco BE-nte, an associate at the GIGA Institute for Area Studies and professor at Malaysia's Monash University, told DW.
The ethnically driven violence has nothing to do with the existence of various ethnic groups in the country.
Representatives of ethno-cultural associations believe that different ethnic groups know too little about each other.
It is stated that "the history of tribal ethnic groups covering about 100 thousand years is disproportionately longer than the history of any socio-political institution" [10].
However, some ethnic groups have larger numbers than others such as the Chinese and Indians who now comprise the five largest groups in the country, including Europeans, Maoris and Samoans.
There was a negative significant association between economic status and breast-feeding during the two postpartum years in both ethnic groups (P=0.
Ten years ago, the four most relevant political leaders in the country agreed that the Framework Agreement should include a provision stipulating that ethnic groups should be equitably represented in the state and public administration in keeping with their professional qualifications and competence.
Cole (Professor of Anthropology, Connecticut College, New London, Connecticut) provides with respect to the methodology utilized for identifying and selecting ethnic groups, as well as an insightful and informative introductory essay on the general subject of European ethnicity.
WALES' ETHNIC POPULATION Between mid-2001 to mid-2007, the percentage of people in Wales from minority ethnic groups increased from 2.
The researchers conclude this gap may be partly because parents from poor white British backgrounds put less emphasis on education as those from other ethnic groups.
The findings show socio-economic status has little impact on a pupil's achievement in the last four years of primary school for most minority ethnic groups, with both richer and poorer pupils making similar progress.
Nepal's Maoists have pushed the idea of dividing Nepal, a country with 103 ethnic groups, into autonomous states based on ethnicity.
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