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Students who were either white and Asian, Indian, white and black African or Bangladeshi ethnic backgrounds all gained above the average at GCSE.
When immigrant parents live in neighbourhoods with a high concentration of people from their same ethnic background, their babies weigh less than those of Canadian-born parents.
A study by Dr Vikki Boliver, from Durham University, revealed state school students and those from ethnic minorities were less likely to get a place at Russell Group universities - considered to be the country's finest institutions - than their peers with the same A-level results from private schools and white ethnic backgrounds.
I don't suppose people from ethnic backgrounds could give tuppence whether they appear or not.
Youngsters from a white ethnic background made up 84 per cent of those with a proven offending record and 86 per cent of the general population in 2007.
I work with more than 300 fellow human beings, all from various ethnic backgrounds.
Because these traits are inherited, a patient's most likely match is someone of the same racial or ethnic background.
BDI says that the police have never had prejudices in connection to the ethnic background of the murderers.
Kyrgyz Foreign Minister Ruslan Kazakbaev assured his Tajik colleague Khamrokhon Zarifi that the incident in Andarak village of Leilek district in Batken oblast that occurred on December 29 had no "political or ethnic background," said the Foreign Ministry of Tajikistan.
ANKARA, Mar 20, 2011 (TUR) -- Turkish President Abdullah Gul said, "regardless of their ethnic background, religious belief, language and political opinion, everyone in Turkey is inseparable and equal citizens of this country.
An Assembly Government form being distributed in schools across the nation asks children - and, for under-12s, their parents - to specify which of a range of options best describe their national identity and ethnic background.
The report also found that ethnic segregation in schools is being reinforced as parents seek to send children to schools of the same cultural or ethnic background.
And adding that to my unique American background and my unique ethnic background, I think that I have been truly blessed by this opportunity.
The authors review risk factors for hear disease, including age, race, ethnic background, obesity, diabetes, and high cholesterol.
I am from an ethnic background, and do not see the occupiers of these cars flying the flag as racist.