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I think Los Angeles has moved beyond people thinking that just because you're of one ethnic background that you have to stick with people from that background,'' Hahn said.
Patients have the best chance of finding a match within their ethnic background,'' because marrow characteristics are inherited, like hair and skin color, said Felix Valde of Asians for Miracle Marrow Matches.
Hormones, age, ethnic background also can play a part.
It is targeted at organisations that will assist people from a minority ethnic background to access public services, promote their participation in all aspects of life and help overcome racial inequality and prejudice.
Statistics published by the Department for Education (DfE) also show that white students and those from a black ethnic background were less likely to go to a leading university than other ethnic groups.
A higher percentage of students from a Chinese or Chinese British ethnic background achieved the key benchmark than any other group at foundation phase as well as each key stage, the report said.
Be it religious ideology or ethnic background, these things don't top the priority list of a common man.
Michael's Hospital in Toronto has found that a father's ethnic background can significantly influence a child's weight at birth, and in this case, babies born to Asian fathers were found to be underweight.
Lately, several incidents happened in my country in which young people from different ethnic background were involved in," Mehmeti-Devaja said, commenting on the interethnic incidents on the sport fields and in schools.
University applicants with the same A-level grades were found to be equally likely to apply to Russell Group universities regardless of their ethnic background.
Sometimes being adventurous and meeting someone new from a different ethnic background can be the right fit.
Why is it necessary to have someone from an ethnic background included in all programmes?
ANKARA, Mar 21, 2011 (TUR) -- Turkish President Abdullah Gul said, "regardless of their ethnic background, religious belief, language and political opinion, everyone in Turkey is inseparable and equal citizens of this country.
But young people from a black ethnic background accounted for 6 per cent of young people with a proven offending record, despite making up just 3 per cent of the general population aged 10-17 in 2007.