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Can the Ethiopian change his skin, or the leopard his spots?
Its tales of the Ethiopian Prester John, of diamonds that by proper care can be made to grow, of trees whose fruit is an odd sort of lambs, and a hundred other equally remarkable phenomena, are narrated with skilful verisimilitude and still strongly hold the reader's interest, even if they no longer command belief.
In spite of his gaudy and ridiculous garb, the Ethiopian displayed a natural barbaric dignity as he stood, offering the cards suavely to some, allowing others to pass unmolested.
Upon receiving Saturday at Khartoum Airport the second batch of the Ethiopians evacuated from Libya, in presence of the visiting Speaker of the Ethiopian Parliament Abadulla Gemeda, Dr.
President Abdel Fattah al-Sissi said Egypt had "rescued" 27 Ethiopians who were abducted in war-torn Libya, as state television showed him greeting the group at Cairo airport.
Ethiopian foreign minister, Tedros Adhanom, said his country will continue with its efforts to facilitate and make sure the safe return of Ethiopians from Libya as part of the ongoing efforts to protect citizens from terror attacks.
Freed Ethiopians arrive at Cairo airport after having been kidnapped in Libya (Photo screenshot from state media)
SANA'A, July 9--Forty-four Ethiopians who have been held since Monday in Taiz governorate are currently awaiting deportation and are not seeking refugee status.
Ethiopia has stepped up the repatriation operation to thousands of Ethiopians who have been working illegally in Saudi Arabia.
I have hired maids from different nationalities but I should say Ethiopians are the most arrogant and stubborn ones," says Arwa Al-Hilal, a working Saudi mother.
Summary: Muscat: There was a noticeable surge in the number of Ethiopians arriving into the Sultanate .
The event, attended by hundreds of Ethiopians and other nationalities, also showcased authentic Ethiopian dishes.
Summary: The government of Ethiopia has taken out 93 Ethiopians from Libya to Tunisia, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said on Friday.
Ethiopians strolling on Addis Ababa's Jan Meda playing pitches have been shocked for the last few months by what many of them believe to be a group of foreign men locked in a violent brawl.
The Vouchers program for new immigrants was restricted to immigrants who arrived in the last 5 years, making it irrelevant for most Ethiopians as the majority is more veteran, and the newcomers lack the language capacity to utilize it.