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the dominant and official language of Ethiopia


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In the two preceding sections we have discussed a few morphological features that preclude direct identification of Alys verbal paradigm with any attested South Ethiopian language.
A casual chat between the two led to the production of the DVD in the Ethiopian language Amharic and English.
In this paper, I critically examine Ethiopian language policy within the framework of health promotion and demonstrate the ways in which such policy creates a barrier for the Oromo people in making life choices.
A MONTH of activities ranging from African drumming and Zulu workshops to Ethiopian language classes is being staged in the city to celebrate Black History Month.
The woman sings in Amharic, the official Ethiopian language.
There were mixed reactions to the Ethiopian language policy as implemented by the school: outright rejection, resentment, and an attempt to `cease to be Oromo' in order to be accepted and escape being the undesirable `outsider'.
Survivors reported the hijackers were speaking the Ethiopian language Amharic as well as some French and English, the BBC said.
In addition to icons, there are also crucifixes and illuminated manuscripts, in Ge'ez, an ancient Ethiopian language, which only exists today in the liturgy of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church.
As befits a band taking this country's ancient name, it's sung partly in the Ethiopian language of Amharic.
The event - which ran from 10am to 10pm on Saturday - was organised to raise awareness about the Ethiopian language and culture.
She speaks four languages - Amharic, which is the main Ethiopian language; Eritrean, English and Russian - and says that the community group is planning Ethiopian language lessons for youngsters.
Except in the core Amhara areas of Shoa, Gojjam, and Begemder, Amharic speakers in Ethiopia are often bilingual, and probably most have another Ethiopian language as their native language.
The only English contribution, by Mauro Tosco, is a comprehensive study of case marking in the Ethiopian language area, following the lead of Murray B.
Studies in Ethiopian Languages, Literature, and History: Festschrift for Getatchew Haile Presented by His Friends and Colleagues
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