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Synonyms for birr

the basic unit of money in Ethiopia

sound of something in rapid motion

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make a soft swishing sound

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Recently, he successfully represented Fortune, one of the leading newspapers in Ethiopia, in a freedom of expression case instituted by Ayat Real Estate involving a damages claim of more than twenty million Ethiopian Birr.
The project which costs more than half a million Ethiopian Birr, includes installation of the following equipment for two Farmers training Centers and Animal Health posts in the two villages.
For decades, Sudan has been without recognizable currency; and even after the introduction of the New Sudanese Pound two years, the use of other currencies (US dollars, Kenyan Shillings, Ugandan Shillings, Ethiopian Birr, and many others) are still circulating in Sudan.
One of the main challenges, Wubshet acknowledges, will be convincing local Ethiopians to pay about 12,000 Ethiopian birr ($600) for equipment--two (B) packs, one digester, one biogas cooker--although the hope is to make such cost more feasible by using micro-financing.
The design will cost about one million Ethiopian birr or $52,000 us dollars.
Development Bank of Ethiopia has attained a net income of 491 million Ethiopian birr in the 2011/12 fiscal year.
7 billion Ethiopian birr is planned to go operational in September this year.
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