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Several self-help organizations for Ethiopian Israelis are active today in the area of employment.
Synopsis: A 2007 Gallup Poll shows that relatively few Ethiopians express confidence in their country's social and political institutions.
The second question examined the degree of familiarity respondents have wit= h community members: 32 percent admitted they do not have any Ethiopian fri= ends and that they do not know any Ethiopians with whom they could build fr= iendships.
Esmal Ali Sero, head of the Afar administrative region, said about 25 Eritrean "commandoes" kidnapped the British citizens along with their Ethiopian drivers and translators on Thursday night.
The movie's hero is Tadesse Meskela, leader of a co-op union representing Ethiopian coffee farmers.
Partial Award - Civilians Claims - Eritrea's Claims 15, 16, 23 & 27-32: Ethiopian nationals who acquired Eritrean nationality through qualifying to participate in the 1993 referendum on Eritrean self-determination acquired dual nationality of both countries.
n STYLE At the Ethiopian women's festival are (from left), Zenabu Hailu, Demoze Mokennen and Bisrat Hailu
The prime minister - scheduled to arrive in Ethiopia today to explore new ways of helping Africa - should repatriate rare religious books and manuscripts and hundreds of other Ethiopian treasures, historian Richard Pankhurst said in Addis Ababa.
I had nothing to sow," says the 60-yearold farmer, who lives on his small parcel of land outside Mekele in the Ethiopian province of Tigray.
How ironic to review Elizabeth Harney's book Ethiopian Passages: Contemporary Art From the Diaspora at the same time that scientists examining human tossils say they have proved that Ethiopia is the birthplace of modern humans,
Aksum is also the birthplace of the Ethiopian Church, the site of the first Christian church in Africa, and reputedly the resting place of the Ark of the Covenant.
Her family has a tie with the Ethiopian royal family, and this story takes place in Ethiopia--in the 6th century.
The Ethiopian youth, many of whom are often suspected of petty crime and drug use, are an indicator to many social critics that Israelis developing a new kind of underclass.
a portrait of the mythical Andromeda figures prominently: When the Ethiopian princess Charicleia is born resembling the white-skinned Andromeda of the portrait, rather than her black parents, the queen, fearful that her husband will think her an adulteress, gives up her infant daughter and tells everyone that she has died.
The Missionary Factor in Ethiopia: Papers from a Symposium on the Impact of European Missions on Ethiopian Society, Lund University, August 1996.
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