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984-991) And Eos bare to Tithonus brazen-crested Memnon, king of the Ethiopians, and the Lord Emathion.
The custom of making houses and tombs in the living rock," says Heeren in his Researches on the Ethiopians, "determined very naturally the principal character of the Nubian Egyptian architecture to the colossal form which it assumed.
People who live at a distance are naturally less faulty than those immediately under our own eyes; and it seems superfluous, when we consider the remote geographical position of the Ethiopians, and how very little the Greeks had to do with them, to inquire further why Homer calls them "blameless.
Tony Blair must return Ethiopian sacred objects and ancient artefacts looted by British troops more than a century ago and now locked up in museums and royal palaces, a leading scholar demanded yesterday.
Researchers compared the demographics of elite Ethiopian athletes to the general Ethiopian population to examine whether long-held suspicions about upbringing were true.
I had nothing to sow," says the 60-yearold farmer, who lives on his small parcel of land outside Mekele in the Ethiopian province of Tigray.
How ironic to review Elizabeth Harney's book Ethiopian Passages: Contemporary Art From the Diaspora at the same time that scientists examining human tossils say they have proved that Ethiopia is the birthplace of modern humans,
Aksum is also the birthplace of the Ethiopian Church, the site of the first Christian church in Africa, and reputedly the resting place of the Ark of the Covenant.
Her family has a tie with the Ethiopian royal family, and this story takes place in Ethiopia--in the 6th century.
The Ethiopian youth, many of whom are often suspected of petty crime and drug use, are an indicator to many social critics that Israelis developing a new kind of underclass.
This one-stop Ethiopian spot, run by operating owners husband and wife team Ogbe and Felitia Guobadia, is Makeda Ethiopian restaurant and Esohe gift shop.
a portrait of the mythical Andromeda figures prominently: When the Ethiopian princess Charicleia is born resembling the white-skinned Andromeda of the portrait, rather than her black parents, the queen, fearful that her husband will think her an adulteress, gives up her infant daughter and tells everyone that she has died.
The Missionary Factor in Ethiopia: Papers from a Symposium on the Impact of European Missions on Ethiopian Society, Lund University, August 1996.
Mammo Wudneh, now a noted journalist and President of the Ethiopian Writers' Association, was just four years old when fascist Italy invaded Ethiopia just before the Second World War.
Take Ethiopian dancers, for instance, who seem to bounce up and down gleefully with a frenzied verticality that's vaguely reminiscent of Irish step dancing.
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