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Synonyms for ethics

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Many Austrians tend to reject notions of "social efficiency," claiming that conflicts must be addressed using an ethical system based on deductive reasoning from these "self-evident" axioms.
The social work ethical system included such moral imperatives as nonjudgment, acceptance, confidentiality, individualization, respect for colleagues, and loyalty to agencies.
We have here a male narrator who seeks the approval of many men (and of the two women he is involved with), who is interested in how the various men and cultures he knows handle religious, sexual, hunting, drinking, and eating matters, and who needs (desperately, it seems to me) to construct some universal, comprehensive ethical system in which "everything will be all right"--more about this later--no matter from what religious or cultural angle his own behavior is examined.
Furthermore, any normative ethical system must also indicate just how one's own quest for fulfillment is related to the experiences of other people and sentient beings, given, again, one's view of human nature and the ultimate nature of all things" (p.
But this is something different from the questionable global ethical system for which the Cooper and Christians argue.
T]he ethical system which will dominate the world-state will be shaped primarily to favor the procreation of what is fine and efficient and beautiful in humanity.
The best ethical system among the Greeks was that of Plato.
Though certainly not "saints" in any traditional religious sense, each character tries to construct and remain faithful to his or her personal moral and ethical system of values.
These passages, lifted willy-nilly from the Biblical text, have served for generations of Christian exegetes (as well as of liberal Jewish scholars) as "proof" that the prophets were evolutionary in their theological thinking and that the critique of sacrifices was intended to show that only a pure and refined ethical system cum spirituality constituted the supreme desideratum for the prophets.
Timmerman finds Frost situated most appropriately in a deontological ethical system, a system of moral "oughtness" in which, even in a universe much diminished, there is a need to discover "what to make of a diminished thing.
Never obscuring his own rootedness in a traditional Catholic faith, Moron clear-headedly realizes that religious sectarianism is so potent and so virulent that any ethical system based on faith "may unfortunately divide.
Ricci dressed as a Chinese man, he studied and appreciated Chinese religion and culture, he talked and walked with Chinese leaders and thinkers, and he ultimately created a creative compatibility between the gospel message and the Chinese Confucian ethical system.
This does not mean that other cultures have no valid truths, but only that this country was built on one ethical system and it will work only if we continually follow that system.
Van Cromphout falls short of establishing an ethical system for Emerson's thought, since he is aware that "system" is not an ideal that one usually associates with his writings, especially bis mature essays.
An attempt is made to demonstrate that biological processes are important to the interpretation, formulation, and behavioral implementation of any ethical system of human sexual relations based upon Biblical teachings.