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The study of the ethical issues related to computer use developed primarily in the 1980s, although a number of important papers were published in previous decades, many of which are contained in this volume.
Ethical issues in genetic research: disclosure and informed consent.
In the private arena, major corporations are beginning to view ethical issues as a recognized part of doing business.
and abroad came together this summer to take a close, hard look at the challenging and sometimes thorny ethical issues facing today's researchers in environmental health.
The course also equips recruits with the ability to recognize basic ethical issues and principles that they can use when they encounter ethical dilemmas.
The resistance to such leadership derives from the potential perception that the committee is focused primarily on spiritual or religious issues rather than on ethical issues.
Therefore, officers must at least recognize the ethical issues involved in employing that discretion.
Lynch, head of the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology committee that's addressing ethical issues in biomedical research.
NIH invites research grant applications to investigate ethical issues in research using human subjects.
I have written on this topic, conducted numerous workshops, served as an expert witness in school counselor malpractice cases, served on licensure boards that have reviewed complaints against school counselors, and talked with individual school counselors as they have struggled with difficult legal and ethical issues.
has reorganized and updated the material, which is organized into five sections that describe a general framework for identifying and solving ethical problems; explore the key role of organizational philosophy; address administrative ethical issues such as conflicts of interest and the organizations' ethical obligations to stakeholders; examine biomedical ethical issues such as consent, dying and death, and patient autonomy; and discuss ethical issues relating to marketing and managed care, resource allocation, and the social responsibility of health services organizations.
Editorial includes coverage of: optimizing health outcomes, occupational hazards for healthcare professionals, transfer and safety issues, consultations, dietary modification, OR supplies and instrumentation, patient compliance, wound care and infections, bariatric teamwork, ethical issues, insurance issues, and reconstructive surgery.
John Kleinig & Stanley Einstein Introduction Policy Issues 1 John Kleinig Ethical Issues in Substance Use Intervention 2 Douglas N.
Providing direction and/or motivation and reviewing and evaluating the work performance of employees are also administrative/managerial functions of supervisors which provide opportunities for addressing ethical issues.
A Joint Ethical Committee has been established in collaboration with the First, Third and Fourth AP Funds, to monitor interests in foreign companies with respect to environmental and ethical issues.