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a system of principles governing morality and acceptable conduct

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In many of these financial transactions, ethical codes alone may give incorrect guidance.
Appendixes A and B give the texts of the two ethical codes, and Appendix C gives "guidelines and standards for measuring and evaluating PR effectiveness.
Dr Small's argument also suggests that procedural rules (explicit or implicit) about how a committee deliberates may be just as important, or even more important, than the ethical codes they are guided by.
Upholding ethical codes can be cumbersome, business sometimes can be lost, and employees often fear retaliation for blowing the whistle on unethical conduct.
As Dean (1992) observed, while ethical codes provide information regarding a corporation's ethical expectations for employees, they are not necessarily translated into ethical behavior.
In particular, the South African experience illustrates that ethical codes embody particular political and social values.
Most professions have ethical codes and the field of rehabilitation is no exception.
The foundation of Boyden's success is providing the highest level of professional associate training and ethical codes that go beyond commonly accepted industry standards," said Chris Clarke, Boyden's President and CEO.
The overall message was that while the components are in place for the implementation of ethical codes and policies, and there has been an increase in organisations both collecting and reporting ethical information, translation into everyday practice is lagging behind.
The United States responded to the Enron scandal with the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, which requires US-listed companies to have detailed ethical codes.
He lamented that in our country, there was no sense of ethical codes whether what should be screened on TV channels and what not.
A resource section provides ethical codes, US government regulations, international guidelines, and lists of books, periodicals, selected publications, and organizations.
The vast majority of accountants do work to ethical codes, but a small number have shown they are prepared to be complient in abuse of the system," said Mr Cornelius, who addressed members of the Securities and Investment Institute in Birmingham.
FEI and Hinchman personally made significant contributions in the drafting and passage of the act in 2002, and particularly by gaining passage of Sections 406 and 407, which relate to ethical codes of conduct for corporate CFOs and audit-committee financial experts.
Griehs will discuss corporate ethical codes and recent regulatory changes including road blocks to good ethics, what it will take for IR professionals to be leaders amid the changing regulations, how to communicate in the new ethical environment and much more.