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The College believed that the facilitation of dialogic exchanges (Bakhtin, 1981) would support the identification and construction of collective knowledge, which would lead to the discovery of essential elements of ethical standards and ethical practice.
Responses to the survey indicate that although a growing number of organizations in both the private and the public sectors have been implementing initiatives to promote ethical practice in the past few years, ethics is not a priority," concludes Girards.
RCs' responses to the problems caused by MCO methods of operation are still guided by the unified code of ethics and the four-level model of ethical practice (Tarvydas & Cottone, 1991).
It is the positive duty of criminal justice agency heads to ensure that ethical practice is attended to.
The source of ethical practice is grounded in all major religions--the "thou shalts" and the "thou shalt nots"--and codified in most legal codes.
Biomedical research on humans is key to medical discovery, but when health and lives are at risk, ethical practice becomes the top priority.
is the premier organization of engineering professionals that promotes and defends the lawful and ethical practice of engineering.
The first is an abbreviated and confused approach to the foundations of ethical practice and decision making.
As a new century grows ever closer, the call for increased attention to issues of quality, world-class management, competitive advantage, ethical practice, and efficacious management of human resources is heard with increasing frequency and intensity.
Ethical practice in small communities; challenges and rewards for psychologists.
As business continues to expand globally, so will the efforts of IMA leaders to promote the Institute's Vision and Mission to provide education, professional development opportunities, and certification that will advance the ethical practice of accounting, finance, and information management within the United States and throughout the world.
And unless you address that second notion of how you will implement, you will never draw a connection between mission and good ethical practice.
Very strongly recommended reader for both students and practitioners, Ethical Practice In Small Communities by psychology authors Janet A.
Against the idea that Albert Schweitzer's ethical practice outpaced his moral vision and thinking, Cicovacki (philosophy, College of the Holy Cross) resurrects Schweitzer as a moral philosopher and religious thinker.