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KDDI America successfully launched US Powered Ethernet network in February, providing high-speed, scalable Ethernet connectivity to several U.
Carriers are rolling out Ethernet networks to deliver high-bandwidth services, from VoIP and VPNs to video and gaming, at a fraction of the cost of traditional technologies.
A rich array of upper layer protocols is supported for clustering applications, such as MPI, uDAPL, IPoverIB, and SDP, as well as protocols to allow access to existing Fibre Channel and Ethernet networks.
Moreover, compared to proprietary networks, Ethernet networks are easier to install and maintain; the networking technology is readily available, and far less expensive.
These tests give MRV the opportunity to demonstrate that its products deliver the absolute standards compliance and interoperability needed for carrier-scale metro Ethernet networks," said Noam Lotan, president and CEO of MRV Communications.
Increasingly, these companies are building out both 10 Gigabit Ethernet networks internally and acquiring 10 Gigabit Ethernet wide area network services.
The growing adoption of 10 Gigabit Ethernet networks coupled with the continuing rise in security threats has prompted the need for a flexible firewall that can provide visibility into traffic as well as filter it at 10 Gigabit speeds," said Ricciulli.
Initial products focused on switch-to-switch connectivity with 10-Gigabit ports for (director-class) Ethernet switches and on server connectivity with 10-Gigabit Ethernet network interface cards (NICs).
RAD's RIC family of intelligent converters is used to bridge between the Yipes Ethernet network and the leased TDM lines.
For Ethernet providers to better distinguish themselves in this competitive marketplace, they must continue to introduce new service options through improving resiliency, scalability and service delivery capabilities of the Ethernet network.
the leading innovator of solutions for Protecting Data in Motion(TM), today announces the launch of the CipherOptics Ethernet Security Gateway line of products - the industry's most comprehensive solution for ensuring the security of data in transit over Ethernet networks for both Gigabit and 10/100 Ethernet network requirements.
The commodity nature of Ethernet networks made them affordable, and expertise around these technologies was almost ubiquitous.
However, Fibre Channel switches still suffer from the lack of interoperability--especially as compared to the interoperability of the switches and routers used in proven IP and Ethernet networks.
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