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a type of network technology for local area networks

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Exar and Freescale have met this challenge with a solution that attains sub-1 watt standby power for Ethernet enabled advanced media processing applications.
Robotics Wireless Gaming Adapter and Ethernet Bridge simply plugs into an Ethernet enabled gaming console and automatically finds and connects to the nearest access point.
By simply plugging in one Corinex Wall Mount F into a modem or router and a second into any Ethernet enabled computing or media device, all the electrical outlets in the home are ready to receive high bandwidth multimedia signals.
iPass has built a global Internet network that comprises over 20,000 access points, including an iPass Global Broadband Roaming (GBR) footprint of over 2,500 Wi-Fi hotspots and 1,000 Ethernet enabled venues at business-oriented locations such as airports, hotels and conference centers worldwide.
Adding ZigBee technology to an Ethernet enabled Rabbit([R]) embedded control device offers a low-cost, robust wireless infrastructure that allows users to monitor remote devices within a sophisticated wireless network, exchange data between devices, and control I/O from a secured PC on the internet.
Remote and mobile workers use the iPassConnect(TM) universal client to access the widest range of wireless wide area networks that provide high-speed data connections, including GPRS, UMTS, EDGE, EV-DO, and 1xRTT in combination with the iPass global network of Ethernet enabled hotels and the world's largest Wi-Fi footprint and a dial-up network spanning 150 countries.
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