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Synonyms for Ethelred

king of the English who succeeded to the throne after his half-brother Edward the Martyr was murdered

king of Wessex and Kent and elder brother of Alfred


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Sir Ethelred shifted one hand under his coat tails, and tilting back his head, looked at him steadily.
And Sir Ethelred, hearing it on the lips of his wife and girls every day (mostly at breakfast-time), had conferred upon it the dignity of unsmiling adoption.
Set in the Edwardian era, the film revolves around the eccentric d'Ascoyne family - Aunt Agatha, cousins Ascoyne and Henry, and uncles Ethelred, Henry, Horatio and Rufus (all played by Guinness) - whose sizeable fortune proves a temptation too great for Louis Mazzini (the excellent Dennis Price), whose mother was disowned by her family for making a 'bad' marriage.
But he was glad he did when he stumbled across the valuable collection, dating back to the reign of Ethelred the Unready in the 990s.
Aelred, born Ethelred, (40) could not inherit his family profession.
ON THIS DAY 978: Edward the Martyr, King of England, was murdered at Corfe Castle, Dorset, apparently at the instigation of half-brother Ethelred.
978: Edward the Martyr, King of England from 975, was murdered at Corfe Castle, Dorset, apparently at the instigation of half-brother Ethelred.
The Anglo-Saxon hoard includes coins from the reigns of kings Ethelred the Unready (978-1013 and 1014-1016) and Canute the Great (1016-1035).
The 5251 coins, many from the reigns of Ethelred the Unready (978-1016 AD) and King Canute (1016-1035 AD), were in a lead box buried 2ft underground.
It's not a new idea - I distinctly remember a mad hairy bloke on Look North in the 70s - a Geography teacher or summat - claiming to be a Saxon Northumbrian called King Rufus or Ethelred (to be fair, every episode of Look North in the seventies featured a mad hairy bloke - they were the bedrock of local telly back then) If the aforementioned hairy chap is still with us there might be a vacancy for the position he dreamt of.
So fierce were these pagan Norsemen and so utterly destructive in their murder, mayhem, pillage, and plunder that King Ethelred the Unready, a weak and irresolute monarch, decided to buy them off rather than fight them.
Ethelred the Unready was one of the seven Saxon kings reputedly crowned here.
Nat Turner continued by stating that he healed and brought about the conversion of a white man named Ethelred T.
She placed a sliver of chocolate in an overturned waste paper bin near the likely lair of the mouse, whom I had named Ethelred in the belief that he would be unready for the trap.
Archaeologists analysing wound marks on the bones believe they date from 1002 AD when King Ethelred the Unready ordered a massacre of all Danes (Vikings) in England.