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United States actress and singer (1896-1977)


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She collaborated with choreographer George Balanchine on the 1940 Broadway musical Cabin in the Sky, starring Dooley Wilson, Ethel Waters and Katherine Dunham and featuring an all-black cast.
Patton also makes insightful use of the Ethel Waters autobiography, His Eye Is on the Sparrow (1951) to examine the boundaries between white and black space in the culture.
Crystal, who now lives in Washington DC, is the niece of legendary Cotton Club singer Ethel Waters and the daughter of jazz musician Junior Waters.
This biography of singer and actress Ethel Waters traces her career, including how she became a singer, her Broadway appearances, the film version of Cabin in the Sky, other films she appeared in, and recordings.
Though he was called a culture vulture, voyeur and white decadent by some, it was through Van Vechten that Larsen made many life-altering liaisons, meeting Ethel Waters, Bill "Bojangles" Robinson, Zora Neale Hurston, Gertrude Stein, and most propitiously, Alfred and Blanche Knopf, the publishers of Larsen's novels.
During his more than five decades in show business, Berlin wrote songs ranging from the soulful "Supper Time" (1933), intoned by Ethel Waters, and the rousing "Anything You Can Do (I Can Do Better)" (1946), belted by Ethel Merman, to the hilarious numbers performed by the Marx Brothers in "The Cocoanuts" (1925).
African rituals of body painting were at least another tradition, in addition to colonial racial conceptions and the influence of American culture from A1 Jolsen to Ethel Waters, that led to different meanings of blackface.
Distinguished film and theater historian Donald well-illustrated biography of the legendary Ethel Waters is engaging.
8221; With inspiration from Ethel Waters, who wrote the title track with Sidney Easton, the CD repertoire includes titles like “Sweet Man,” “West End Blues” and “Brother You Got Me Wrong.
Ethel Waters, Chester, Delaware County A renowned singer and actress, Ethel Waters was born into poverty in Chester, PA.
As he does with the rest of Minnelli's catalog of films, Griffin gives us the dope on the off-camera goings-on during the shooting, in this case a rivalry between Ethel Waters and the exquisite Lena Home, whom the former felt was getting too much attention from the director.
Two old musicals of note were Vincent Minnelli's 1943 ``Cabin in the Sky'' with Ethel Waters, Lena Horne, Eddie ``Rochester'' Anderson and Louis Armstrong, and ``Stormy Weather,'' with Horne and Bill Robinson, with performances by Fats Waller, Cab Calloway and the dancing Nicholas Brothers.
In 1933, Ethel Waters stunned theatergoers with "Suppertime," a ballad that was explicitly linked to the death of a lynching victim, in Irving Berlin's As Thousands Cheer.
After his dance career ended,Reed turned to choreography and producing, working in- house at Harlem's CottonClub for Cab Calloway,Duke Ellington, Ethel Waters and Billie Holliday.
It was actually a mix of r&b and jazz, featuring artists like the Ink Spots, the Five Blind Boys, Ethel Waters, Andy Kirk's Band, Cab Calloway, and many others from the Chitlin' Circuit who emulated the sounds of the white musicians.