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United States singer who appeared in several musical comedies (1909-1984)


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Oh, and she DID NOT attempt to reprise Ethel Merman, thank you
Carousel, which famously starred Ethel Merman in the film version, is brought vividly to life in an outstanding new stage production.
Step back in time to the glamorous era of the great Hollywood musicals in a show that features hit songs made famous by Liza Minnelli, Barbra Streisand, Julie Andrews, Ethel Merman and Judy Garland.
Despite which he soon finds himself drawn into a bizarre tangle of motives and passions whose cast of characters includes surfers, hustlers, dopers and rockers, a murderous loan shark, a tenor sax player working undercover, an ex-con with a swastika tattoo and a fondness for Ethel Merman, and a mysterious entity known as the Golden Fang, which may only be a tax dodge set up by some dentists.
The show debuted on Broadway in 1959 with Ethel Merman and Jack Klugman.
But his most infamous match was his 32-day marriage to diva Ethel Merman in 1964.
Gabriela Schnaut's Ortrud, on the other hand, is a bit like Ethel Merman on steroids.
Broadway's Best At Pops" features such luminaries as Ethel Merman, Ray Bolger, Kristin Chenoweth, Pearl Baily, Bonnie and John Raitt, Bernadette Peters, Tommy Tune, Carol Channing, Gregory Hines, and dozens of others.
During his more than five decades in show business, Berlin wrote songs ranging from the soulful "Supper Time" (1933), intoned by Ethel Waters, and the rousing "Anything You Can Do (I Can Do Better)" (1946), belted by Ethel Merman, to the hilarious numbers performed by the Marx Brothers in "The Cocoanuts" (1925).
The star of 15 Broadway musicals and more than a dozen motion pictures, singer and actress Ethel Merman was one of America's most riveting performers.
Look at the other greats: Ethel Merman, an ambassador in Call Me Madam and a professional sharpshooter in Annie Get Your Gun; Mary Martin, a nurse in South Pacific and a governess in The Sound of Music; Barbara Cook, a librarian in The Music Man and a sales clerk in She Loves Me.
Followed by Ethel Merman (Fiama Franco) toning down the brashness with selections from ``Call Me Madam'' and ``Annie Get Your Gun.
FRESH from her appearance as ETHEL MERMAN on last night's Stars in their Eyes, former birds of a Feather star LESLIE JOSEPH has been telling friends why she did it.
SINGING PARROT A SINGING parrot that does a dead-on impersonation of Broadway legend Ethel Merman has made her first CD.