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excessive use of alcohol and alcoholic drinks

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Indirectly, ethanol abuse, particularly when longstanding, erodes intimate relationships and social involvement and corrodes work performance and success.
Gross pathology indicated gastrohepatic and intestinal-peritoneal adhesions consistent with ethanol abuse in all animals.
MicroRNAs: Master regulators of ethanol abuse and toxicity?
Preventing ethanol abuse and misuse is every bit as important as educating people about the proper use of wine.
Presence of nonoxidative ethanol metabolism in human organs commonly damaged by ethanol abuse.
In this group, 10 of 15 cases were found to have organ damage from ethanol abuse (in 5 cases, ethanol abuse was accompanied by abuse of other drugs), 3 cases were involved in automobile accidents, 1 case was associated with carbon monoxide poisoning, and 1 was an apparent sudden cardiac arrest.
It is common knowledge that chronic ethanol abuse during pregnancy can cause the cluster of birth defects known as FAS.
Among the conclusions, contributors to the 800-page monograph emphasize that societies with low ethanol abuse problems (a) portray any alcohol abuse or overindulgence as unacceptable, and (b) make drinking of alcoholic beverages an adjunct to sociability and not the focus of an occasion.
In the context of ethanol abuse, trait markers are those that identify a genetic predisposition to ethanol abuse or to development of complications from excess ethanol intake.
However, the specificity of all of these markers for liver dysfunction as a result of ethanol abuse is low [3].
It has long been known that ethanol abuse leads to end organ damage in the liver and pancreas and, to a smaller extent, in the heart and brain.
In 1986, as noted earlier, an autopsy study demonstrated the presence of FAEEs selectively in the organs damaged by ethanol abuse.