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Essays cover liturgy and mythic history in The Marvels of Rome; the identity of the Eternal City through visual art, monumental inscription, and the Mirabilia; the Jewish experience of Rome in the 12th century; an assessment of the political symbolism of the City of Rome in the writing of John of Salisbury; Rome in Arabic and Persian Medieval literature; and an imagined city.
True to form, Woody Allen delivers a beautiful homage to the eternal city.
For him the Eternal City 'gave physical form to the idea of art, not simply as something ethereal for the elite but as something inspiring .
During Julius Caesar's reign, daytime access to the Eternal City was restricted, with travelers required to hitch their carriages outside the city gates.
He is showing a collection inspired by the Eternal City after sunset.
Harriet Ridley enjoys her return to the Eternal City
The Eternal City welcomes you with warm spring sunshine at this most important and popular time in the calendar.
However, tourism orients the topos of the Eternal City toward the past, whereas the initial usage of the expression urbs aeterna was future-oriented.
Perhaps even more problematic for those Vaticaneers who while away their evenings reading Nobel novelists in the shadow of the Eternal City is one particular Jose Saramago novel, The Gospel According to Jesus Christ.
iEntertainment Network (Nasdaq: IENT), a leading provider and operator of worldwide Internet entertainment communities, announced today it has partnered with Worlds Apart Productions to create The Eternal City 3D, a 3D massively multiplayer role-playing game that will be developed using an open-source game engine and will feature a Linux version of its game client.
He will be heading to the Eternal City of Rome on a three night break for two courtesy of opera impresario Ellen Kent.
Spalletti was not in charge of the Italians when Mido left the club to join Spurs and he would welcome the Egyptian back to the Eternal City side, who are also chasing a place in the Champions League next season.
Travellers using Newcastle Airport will now be able to fly direct to the eternal city after easyJet announced the new route this weekend.
POPE John Paul II has been given a new title - citizen of the Eternal City.
Rome (four nights from pounds 499 per person and includes a walking tour of Rome) the Eternal City with it's spectacular buildings, bustling piazzas, colourful markets and world-famous landmarks -- we depart there on February 14, 28 and March 14.