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(Middle Ages) the bride of the king of Cornwall who (according to legend) fell in love with the king's nephew (Tristan) after they mistakenly drank a love potion that left them eternally in love with each other

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Can diolch i Esyllt Maelor, a welodd yr angen oherwydd ei galar hithau, gan gasglu ynghyd dystiolaeth y rhain oll.
In the conclusion the editors, Madga Fahrini and Esyllt Jones, astutely observe that outbreaks often "serve as a narrative backdrop, setting the stage on which contemporary anxieties play out.
Bydd noson yng nhwmni Esyllt a rhai o'r cyfranwyr yng Nghanolfan y Morlan, Aberystwyth am 7.
Esyllt said: "There's always somebody from Wales working or travelling.
Esyllt Jones's nuanced social and political history of Winnipeg during the influenza nightmare that struck globally in the wake of World War One also demonstrates that epidemics, like most diseases, are not equal-opportunity killers.
Sisters Esyllt (Izzy) and Lois Evans (right) have joined their mum, Gaynor, in the village, so be prepared for plenty of fireworks.
Esyllt Lord, the museum's press officer, said: 'We're delighted to be nominated as we've taken great care in considering dog-owners' needs.
Golygwyd y gyfrol gan Esyllt Maelor, sydd wedi profi galar o golli mab.
She said: "There are several people who have inspired and encouraged me over the years; such as Nia Plas in Ysgol Morfa Nefyn, Delyth Roberts and Mair Gruffydd in Coleg Meirion Dwyfor, Roger Owen in the Theatre, Film and Television Department at Aberystwyth University, Mihangel Morgan, Huw Meirion Edwards and everyone in the Welsh Department - but a special thank-you to Esyllt Maelor.
Place and replace: essays on western Canada, edited by Adele Perry, Esyllt W.
Mae'r Hunaniaeth Cymreig yn cael ei ddehongli gyda chasgliad o arteffactau yn cynnwys y Goron a enillwyd gan R Silyn Roberts am ei bryddest Trystan ac Esyllt yn Eisteddfod Genedlaethol Bangor, 1902, a chadair o eisteddfod blant, cyn sefydlu Eisteddfod yr Urdd.
Museum spokeswoman Esyllt Lord said: 'It's estimated that today, a quarter of eight-year-olds have a mobile phone in Britain.
Mared thanked her teachers and tutors but gave a special thank you to Esyllt Maelor.
Delir hefyd ag afiechyd a thristwch o fewn y teulu, er enghraifft yr ing a ddaeth yn sgil marwolaeth Esyllt, y ferch fach.