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Synonyms for oestrogen

a general term for female steroid sex hormones that are secreted by the ovary and responsible for typical female sexual characteristics

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My own research aims to characterize the amounts, variety, and ultimate fate of estrogens discharged with sewage into Massachusetts Bay.
WE TEND TO think of hormones such as estrogen and testosterone as exclusively ' female' and ' male' respectively and to a large extent this is true.
What's more, another analysis of the WHI data reveals that women taking estrogen were more likely to develop blood clots than were women getting dummy pills.
Michael Fry, wildlife toxicologist University of California notes in the article: "In species not susceptible to eggshell thinning, like gulls, DDT acts like estrogen and causes abnormal development of the male embryos with some males developing female sexual organs.
Food and Drug Administration (FDA) jumped into the fray, requiring that a so-called "black box," the agency's strongest warning label, be added to all estrogen products warning women of the potential risks.
Estrogen is unquestionably effective in preventing bone loss; as first shown unequivocally in the Women's Health Initiative, estrogen therapy reduces hip fractures, and that is encouraging.
Until recently, people thought the estrogens in birth control pills were rendered inactive by the body because the kidneys tack on.
A woman taking estrogen for a limited period of time to relieve her symptoms probably will not increase her risk much at all.
In our youth, an excess of estrogens can cause side effects like breast tenderness, swollen breasts, water retention, impatience, nausea, and cramps.
Researchers thought that Asian women may experience milder symptoms during menopause than Western women because the soy foods in their diets provide plant estrogens to supplement their dwindling supply of natural estrogen," says Margo Woods of Tufts University in Boston.
Elestrin is a fast-drying gel formulation of bio-identical estradiol, the same estrogen produced naturally in women.
These experiments unveil the link between environmental estrogens and insulin resistance.
Estrogens are known to be a leading cause of many reproductive cancers.
One of the drawbacks of that difference is that the "foreign" estrogens apparently have an exaggerated potency in the liver.