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a general term for female steroid sex hormones that are secreted by the ovary and responsible for typical female sexual characteristics

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The fractions were also tested for estrogenicity and anti-estrogenicity using an MCF-7 luc cellular bioassay.
In vitro data from 12 studies assessing estrogenicity provided strong evidence supporting the estrogenic responses observed in in vivo studies (Table 3), based on relevance of the end point to human health [e.
1]S can be conceptualized as a slowly metabolized estrogen reservoir, it has gained marked importance in assessing estrogenicity in a woman.
Effects of currently used pesticides in assays for estrogenicity, androgenicity, and aromatase activity in vitro.
However, while DBP did not exhibit estrogenicity in their assays, a third plasticizer--diphenyl phthalate--did.
The goal of our research was to evaluate estrogenicity of synthetic food colorants that are chemically similar to E2.
Although some of these compounds may have only weak endocrine-disrupting activities, the combined burden of estrogenicity and genomic instability could produce more detrimental effects than estrogenic action alone.
Some lower-chlorinated congeners, or their metabolites, have been reported to be active in neurotoxicity, estrogenicity, and genotoxicity assays (Hansen 1998; Robertson and Ludewig 2011).
In continuation of our drug discovery program, feeding of ethanolic extract to ovariectomized estrogen deficient mice led to significant restoration of trabecular micro architecture in both femoral and tibial bones, better bone quality and also devoid of any uterine estrogenicity.
4 Despite BPA's having lower estrogenicity than estradiol, in in vivo studies its estrogenicity is only 100-fold lower than that of diethylstilbesterol (DES).
While analyzing Las Vegas wastewater flowing into Lake Mead, Snyder found that "all of the estrogenicity was coming out of the very water-soluble fraction.
Insight into estrogenicity of phytoestrogens using in silico simulation.
The POCIS devices were deployed during April and May because these months were previously identified as periods of high estrogenicity in the Virginia watershed (Ciparis et al.
For instance, they had to use 160 times as much endosulfan or 1,600 times as much dieldrin alone to match the estrogenicity of the two combined, they report in the June 7 Science.