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Synonyms for estradiol

the most powerful female hormone that occurs naturally

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Estring is used for treating local symptoms associated with postmenopausal changes in the vagina and/or lower urinary tract.
Estring - a small ring containing the natural hormone oestradiol which is inserted into the vagina.
Femring (estradiol, extended release) by Warner Chilcott and Estring (estradiol acetate, extended release) by Pfizer are types of vaginal ring.
For menopausal women with vaginal thinning, dryness or insensitivity, your health care professional may prescribe an estrogen cream such as Estrace or Premarin, or a vaginal ring, such as Estring, Phadia (low-dose) or Femring (higher dose), to ease sexual discomfort.
Estring has local effects only, while Femring has local and systemic effects.
For stress UI, treatment options include topical estrogen or Estring (but not oral estrogen), [alpha]-adrenergic agents such as pseudoephedrine, and imipramine, which may be particularly helpful for combined urge and stress incontinence.