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the official language of Estonia


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We have to wait to evaluate and estimate the number of Estonian tourism to Egypt this year," he said.
In the first nine months Estonian Air operated 9251 flights, which is 12.
It has been shown that after the rebirth of the Estonian Republic other identity categories started to appear next to the Soviet identity (Masso 2002:28).
EU (We Speak Russian) is citizen initiative which aims to educate local as well as foreign producers and service providers about the need to include Russian language translation to their products or services when they are offered on the Estonian market since 30 percent of the country's population is represented by Russian speakers.
Even though participating in the Estonian school was a matter of principle for many (10), academic success in the wider society was also coveted and celebrated.
The Minister of Commerce and Industry was briefed on the Estonian experience in supporting small and medium enterprises (SMEs), the Estonian Development Fund and entrepreneurship projects.
Starting from this issue papers addressing various aspects of engineering will play a much more important role in the portfolio of the Proceedings of the Estonian Academy of Sciences, into which the Estonian Journal of Engineering is merging together with the pool of experienced editorial staff and the local and international community of authors.
This year the Ministry of Culture began to draft a document entitled Estonian Cultural Policy Developments Up to 2020.
In a joint press statement following the meeting, Judeh highlighted the strong ties between Jordan and Estonia as well as the importance of the Estonian minister's visit to Jordan in further boosting bilateral ties.
It's not the first time an Estonian sportsman has been linked with drug smuggling.
Terming the union s wage demands "unrealistic", the Estonian authorities last week repeated an offer to raise doctors salaries by 6.
The starting motivation for this comparison was Leho Vork's (1972) impressionistic description of some differences between Estonian and Finnish short/single plosives.
TALLINN - According to various estimates, the electronic border queue system that was launched exactly a year ago at the road border-crossing points between Estonia and Russia has saved Estonian road transport companies around 4 million euros, reports Aripaev Online.
TUNIS (TAP) - The Estonian Foreign Ministry is supporting the development of open governance and e-governance in Tunisia, in co-operation with the US Agency for International Co-operation (USAID), the Estonian Foreign Ministry said in a statement reported Monday by Estonian Public Broadcasting (ERR).
elegans was observed for the first time in the northern Baltic Sea already in 2003 (Janas & Maikucka, 2010), it was not recorded in the Estonian coastal sea until 2011 when it became very abundant.