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United States writer noted for his typographically eccentric poetry (1894-1962)

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Due to their small size and other pointing challenges, hitting these targets accurately with the laser has often required the rover to stay in place while ground operators fine tune pointing parameters," Estlin said.
The last page of the publication lists the Executive Committee members of the London Ladies' Emancipation Society: "Miss Remond" is among such others as Miss Cobbe, Miss Estlin, Mrs.
Este escritor norteamericano junto a John Roderigo Dos Passos, Ernest Hemingway, Edward Estlin Cummings y Gertrude Stein, formo la denominada "generacion perdida", grupo de jovenes escritores, los cuales tras la desesperanza intelectual de la Primera Guerra Mundial buscaron escapatoria de diversas formas: sus viajes, el socialismo y, sobre todo, la literatura.
In what is recalled as a high voice, this blond, boyish graduating senior--Edward Estlin Cummings, aged twenty--read an address that proved as ill-suited to the tastes of the audience before him as it was ideal to the artfully designed hall around him:
From Pugh's letters to her friend Mary Estlin in Bristol, we know that speeches were made at the meeting by several prominent local women, and by Pugh herself.
They are: Anne O'Donnell, Glasgow G43; James Bell, Larkhall; Robin Halliday, Peebles; David Hay, Kirkcaldy; John Clink, Buchlyvie, Stirling; James Woods, Kilwinning; Brian Ensor, Bo'ness; Tania Morrison, Lairg; Elaine Dorrans, Cumnock; Thomas McCready, Glasgow G40; David Martin, Coatbridge; Jan Hutchison, Galston; Maureen Estlin, Glasgow G 53; John Miles, Arbroath; Owen Smith, Balloch.
Malcolm COWLEY (1898-1989) Edward Estlin CUMMINGS (1894-1962) Theodore DREISER (1875-1945) Dashiell HAMMETT (1894-1962) Langston HUGHES (1902-1967) Hannah (?
Estlin Carpenter' Collecton at Manchester College (chiefly donated between 1921 and 1927) and the works donated to Lady Margaret Hall in 1946, in memory of J.
Estlin Carpenter, wrote to the Parliament of the significance of this for the future of religion:
Estlin, Staples & Ernst, Box 25564, Santa Ana, CA 92799
Sabina is Nordoff's wife; Romeo is his student Romeo Cascarino; Ernst Bacon is well known as an early twentieth century American composer; Estlin is Cummings himself, and Marion his wife; Nordoff must have known Emlen Etting and his wife Gloria Braggiotti from his Philadelphia years.
When the two became acquainted with Edward Estlin Cummings (as a poet, he disdained capitalization and punctuation and is usually known as e e cummings) Cummings and Elaine became lovers, apparently with the encouragement of Mr.
A transcript of the poem's conclusion was copied from a working manuscript that has not survived into Coleridge's June 10, 1797 letter to John Estlin, in which the Pedlar addresses the narrator with the telltale word "Stranger" (see The Ruined Cottage and the Pedlar, page 95, line 526).
But then Maisey received a visit from Dr Eddy Estlin, Manchester Children's Hospital's consultant paediatric oncologist.
Additionally, in July, NRGreen's Estlin waste heat facility began operations; this facility has the capacity to generate 5.