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United States writer noted for his typographically eccentric poetry (1894-1962)

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The last page of the publication lists the Executive Committee members of the London Ladies' Emancipation Society: "Miss Remond" is among such others as Miss Cobbe, Miss Estlin, Mrs.
They are: Anne O'Donnell, Glasgow G43; James Bell, Larkhall; Robin Halliday, Peebles; David Hay, Kirkcaldy; John Clink, Buchlyvie, Stirling; James Woods, Kilwinning; Brian Ensor, Bo'ness; Tania Morrison, Lairg; Elaine Dorrans, Cumnock; Thomas McCready, Glasgow G40; David Martin, Coatbridge; Jan Hutchison, Galston; Maureen Estlin, Glasgow G 53; John Miles, Arbroath; Owen Smith, Balloch.
Estlin Carpenter' Collecton at Manchester College (chiefly donated between 1921 and 1927) and the works donated to Lady Margaret Hall in 1946, in memory of J.
Estlin, Staples & Ernst, Box 25564, Santa Ana, CA 92799
When the two became acquainted with Edward Estlin Cummings (as a poet, he disdained capitalization and punctuation and is usually known as e e cummings) Cummings and Elaine became lovers, apparently with the encouragement of Mr.
A transcript of the poem's conclusion was copied from a working manuscript that has not survived into Coleridge's June 10, 1797 letter to John Estlin, in which the Pedlar addresses the narrator with the telltale word "Stranger" (see The Ruined Cottage and the Pedlar, page 95, line 526).
Dr Eddy Estlin, the specialist who gave the go-ahead to operate, said: "Maisey's done so well.
These teens have put their heart and soul into creating these films; they have made it through to the final round and now it is up to the ultimate critic -- the voting public," says Estlin Feigley, Executive Director of Samsung Fresh Films.
brought her to the attention of Bristol Garrisonian John Estlin in just such a fashion, stressing her "whitened" features in a letter dated 2 February 1849:
Publisher Estlin, Staples & Ernst announced today that poet Den the Pen has released the second edition of his poetry anthology, "Love, the greatest thing.