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a monosaccharide sugar that has several forms

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Rikke Borg, of the Steno Diabetes Institute, Copenhagen, presented additional data showing that there were no statistically significant differences in the relationship between estimated average glucose and Hb[A.
The actual glucose term that will be used--ADAG, average blood glucose, estimated average glucose, or something else--is still under debate.
1c] as estimated average glucose (eAG) concentration by means of an equation derived from the ADAG study data set, as well as in conventional units (percent and millimoles per mole hemoglobin) (2).
A randomized comparison of the terms estimated average glucose versus hemoglobin A1C.
More recently, it has been proposed as the preferred test for the diagnosis of diabetes (1, 2), and it is being used in many areas to calculate an estimated average glucose (eAG) concentration (3, 4).
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