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Synonyms for Esthonian

the official language of Estonia


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After all, the porphyrins are very stable compounds that have been found in "much older Esthonian fire shales" [7, 19].
PC 2381 banned any publication printed in the following languages: German, "Austrian," Hungarian, Bulgarian, Turkish, Romanian, Russian, Ukrainian, Finnish, Esthonian [sic], Syrian, Croatian, Ruthenian, and Livonian.
Mr John Beevor, a solicitor with the Cheltenham practice of BRETHERTON PRICE ELGOODS, is to become honorary Esthonian consul.
The very first of those early glimpses was the collection Popular Poetry of the Esthonians, published in London in 1795, and including twelve folk songs.
Lucy Tantamount, the female protagonist, is writing a letter: 'In the evenings a little pub-crawling in Mont Parnasse through hordes of Americans, Poles, Esthonians, Rumanians, Finns, Letts, Lapps, Wends, etcetera, and all of them (God help us