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a tax on the estate of the deceased person

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According to Egyptian Finance Minister Hany Demian, the protocol aims to reach a clear mechanism to allocate part of real estate taxation returns in favour of each governorate in Egypt as well as of the Ministry of Cultural Development.
Potential sale of the business, potential purchase of another business with purchased patents, actual sale or purchase of a previously purchased patent, divorce actions, estate taxation, gifting, bankruptcy actions, and tort actions are such examples.
We have had a few years to get used to the "decoupling" of state estate taxes from the federal estate tax, (6) but many property owners (and some estate planners) are still shocked to learn that there may be a state estate tax assessed on their out-of-state real property even if the estate escapes federal estate taxation.
5 million gap amount is subject to a QTIP election for Illinois purposes only (the "Illinois QTIP election"), which avoids Illinois estate taxation of such amount.
He brings his study into a lengthy discussion of the Bush tax cuts in 2001 which, probably only temporarily, ended all estate taxation.
increased depreciation and real estate taxation expenses relating to the church's national office at 80 Hayden St.
From an economist's point of view, estate taxation touches on a wide array of important topics.
One tool often overlooked in this regard, however, is the irrevocable third-party trust (TPT), which combines the benefits of owning assets and possibly conducting a business, without the drawbacks of estate taxation and accessibility by creditors.
According to marketing and research organization Limra International, survivorship sales rose 19% in 2004, the fourth year that a 2001 law has been lowering estate tax rates and raising amounts of family assets exempt from estate taxation.
The authors regret the error and emphasize that they had no intention of getting into estate taxation issues related to CRTs in this article.
Moreover, salary continuation benefits are an ideal "wasting" asset for tile marital share and, to the extent the payments are consumed by the spouse-beneficiary, they will escape estate taxation in the spouse's estate as well.
Although the minimum distribution rules are intended to preclude the unreasonable deferral of benefits, they are not truly needed inasmuch as benefits deferred are subject to income taxation upon eventual distribution and may be subject to estate taxation on a participant's death.
Republican proposals to reduce capital gains and estate taxation would especially benefit the very rich and add more momentum to these trends.
Keep in mind that when using this distribution technique an alternative source of payment for estate taxation should be provided other than the IRA.
In the future, the policies can be transferred to a life insurance trust to remove the policy proceeds from estate taxation.