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While most clients who have recently realized significant wealth (whether through sale of a business, inheritance, settlement of a personal injury claim, or in some other manner) eventually find their way to an estate planner, few seem to realize that the most effective estate planning opportunities may be available only before or immediately after the wealth transfer or realization occurs.
However, in estate planning, many of the usual strategies recommended and adopted encompass an entity, investment plan or arrangement that has as its purposes the claiming of tax benefits in a manner consistent with the statute and Congressional purpose.
While you are gathering your detailed financial information, begin to build your knowledge of financial and estate planning options and charitable gift techniques.
The estate planning part can be availed by planners who buy the entire AstuteWheel package.
The American Academy of Estate Planning Attorneys began in 1993 with a mission to help its Members transform the way they practice law.
It's a particularly interesting and dynamic time to work in the estate planning field," said seminar co-chair Michael C.
Behrenfeld, who is the author of "The Estate Planning Desk Book," advises tax planners to "remain flexible.
com)-- Attorney Evan Guthrie of the Evan Guthrie Law Firm in Charleston, South Carolina is scheduled to teach two classes on the subject of estate planning at local libraries this week.
Douglass suggests updating your plan every three years, whenever you experience a change of life circumstance, or if you hear about changes in laws governing estate planning and taxation.
Sample forms are available for purchase in collections of legal documents at stationery stores and bookstores, in books on estate planning, and software that is available in stores and over the Internet.
The sale of assets to an IDIT should be considered as an alternative in the wide array of estate planning ideas.
This quick read makes understanding the rules of estate planning easy
com supports estate planning attorneys and financial planners with advanced documents, tools and resources to provide their clients with superior service.
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