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a county in southeastern England on the North Sea and the Thames estuary

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Environmental groups and residents in the area of Essex, England, have expressed concern over plans to release treated liquid from decommissioning work at the Bradwell Power Station into the River Blackwater, saying it could harm the local oyster industry and tourism.
The targets are the Cotton Farm Wind Farm, located in Cambridgeshire, England, and Earl's Hall Farm Wind Farm, located in Essex, England.
We like to keep it as old school as possible," said Furlong, 28, from Essex, England.
London, Sept 16 ( ANI ): A town in Essex, England is the first to have a doggy spa hotel in the world.
Brighton, a city in Essex, England, may be the next best place for travellers to stay for the 2012 Olympic Games, after London.
In their quest for quality, the personnel at Ford's Dunton Technical Centre in Brentwood, Essex, England, use a scanning electron microscope.
The Stalwart Publishing company of Greenfield, Essex, England, has suffered a massive loss of data.
Bigun holidayed alone, but kept in contact with her younger boyfriend in Essex, England, via text message.
There are two unknowns in this delightful and anecdotal book: first, no one, including the publisher, knows for certain who the real Bob Moore was, although a woman in Essex, England, reports she's the author's granddaughter.
Born in Essex, England, Bishop Valentine received an honours degree in history and divinity at St.
KBiosystems from Essex, England, has been designing and building robotic solutions for a variety of biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries and academic institutions since 1992.
The brothers, from Essex, England, launched their Desert Chill business a few months ago with a single van, and ice creams are imported by a local supplier.
It's from Essex, England, but the premiere issue shows not only the new Dreamland park there (from construction to finish), but heaps of other spots in the UK, Belgium, Germany, FDR, and elsewhere in the US, Geneva, and Stockholm.
This year's event at the Cedar Court Hotel, Ainley Top, on Friday, January 16, features guest speaker Ronnie Irani, the former Essex, England and Skelmanthorpe all-rounder.
Sean was born in New York, but from the age of two his family moved to Wales and then on to Essex, England.
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