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a county in southeastern England on the North Sea and the Thames estuary

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Set free, Essex rushed into passionate, futile rebellion.
The trial of Essex must have been a brilliant scene.
Though Essex had been wild and foolish the people loved him, and now they murmured against the Queen for causing his death.
It was scarcely as much as Essex had once given him out of friendship.
Between the crowded houses of Gravesend and the monstrous red-brick pile on the Essex shore the ship is surrendered fairly to the grasp of the river.
Notwithstanding all this lip-loyalty,'' said Ivanhoe to the Earl of Essex, ``it was well the King took the precaution to bring thee with him, noble Earl, and so many of thy trusty followers.
Gallant Ivanhoe,'' said Essex, ``dost thou know our Master so well, and yet suspect him of taking so wise a precaution
Those,'' replied Essex, ``who are specially careless of their own welfare, are seldom remarkably attentive to that of others But let us haste to the castle, for Richard meditates punishing some of the subordinate members of the conspiracy, though he has pardoned their principal.
Valentin had learned by his inquiries that morning that a Father Brown from Essex was bringing up a silver cross with sapphires, a relic of considerable value, to show some of the foreign priests at the congress.
The little Essex priest spoke the more simply, with his round face turned to the strengthening stars; the other talked with his head bowed, as if he were not even worthy to look at them.
The small man from Essex turned what seemed to be a dazed face in the dusk, and said, with the timid eagerness of "The Private Secretary":
And they both stood an instant uncovered while the little Essex priest blinked about for his umbrella.
She was steaming at such a pace that in a minute she seemed halfway between the steamboat and the Martians-- a diminishing black bulk against the receding horizontal expanse of the Essex coast.
I am Richard de Tany of Essex," said the oldest knight, he who had first spoken, "and these be my daughter and her friend, Mary de Stutevill.
Are all your old friends and neighbors come after you to Essex," cried Joan de Tany, laughingly, addressing Mary.