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a county in southeastern England on the North Sea and the Thames estuary

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Are all your old friends and neighbors come after you to Essex," cried Joan de Tany, laughingly, addressing Mary.
The chance is likely, steward, that the man you mentioned was from the Essex.
Valentin had learned by his inquiries that morning that a Father Brown from Essex was bringing up a silver cross with sapphires, a relic of considerable value, to show some of the foreign priests at the congress.
The little Essex priest spoke the more simply, with his round face turned to the strengthening stars; the other talked with his head bowed, as if he were not even worthy to look at them.
The small man from Essex turned what seemed to be a dazed face in the dusk, and said, with the timid eagerness of "The Private Secretary":
And they both stood an instant uncovered while the little Essex priest blinked about for his umbrella.
As one looked out over the flat Essex country, lying so green and peaceful under the afternoon sun, it seemed almost impossible to believe that, not so very far away, a great war was running its appointed course.
We are extremely pleased to welcome Kory to Essex," stated Martin Kroll.
The QUALIDATA Resource Centre at Essex has now been in existence for two and a half years.
And there is no evidence of asymptomatic infection with the AIDS virus in Senegal, Essex says, though "to our knowledge, HTLV-III-LAV [the AIDS virus] is present in Dakas, Senegal, where we did our study.
McBride said he didn't know which portion of the claims would fall to Essex for approval - nor who would sign the remaining claims.
Kasprowicz, suitably perked after frustrating Essex with the bat for an undefeated 19, then ripped out visiting skipper Darren Robinson and James Middlebrook with the first two balls of Essex's second innings.
Ford of Canada also announced plans to hire 350-450 employees over 2 years at its Essex and Windsor engine plants, which are earmarked for increased production of Ford Triton modular engines.
ATLANTA, June 27 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Superior Essex Inc.
Lew Finkelstein, vice president at The Goldstein Group, inked a 3,800-square-foot lease at Essex Square on behalf of North Fork Bank.