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Synonyms for essence

Synonyms for essence

a basic trait or set of traits that define and establish the character of something

Synonyms for essence

any substance possessing to a high degree the predominant properties of a plant or drug or other natural product from which it is extracted

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the central meaning or theme of a speech or literary work

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Given that being truth-bound is an essential property of beliefs, this is equivalent to saying that they cannot show that it is a belief or that it is not.
In other words, this kind of motion exists as an essential property of corporeal things, and confirms substantial motion as a principle of 'substantiation'.
I am also very grateful to Ray Mallon for assuring residents that a grant of up to pounds 4,000 will be given to each owner occupier to help them carry out essential property repairs which they have not carried out because of the council's demolition proposals.
Porosity is crucial for compacting large amounts of gases into small volumes and is an essential property for capturing carbon dioxide.
The New Mexico FAIR Plan is a not-for-profit underwriting association that provides essential property insurance to qualified applicants in the state of New Mexico who are unable to secure such insurance in the normal insurance market.
For example, the property of being an apple is a kind individuating property of any given apple, two red apples and a green apple share the essential property of being an apple, the red apples and green apple differ in their color, an accidental property of each of the particular apples, which are further distinguished by their spatiotemporal location.
The partnership between Tynedale Council and Northumberland Home Improvement Agency will help elderly, disabled or vulnerable homeowners, and those who rent from private landlords, to gain advice and assistance in undertaking essential property repairs, improvements or disabled adaptations.
A PLUMBER who taught hundreds of South Africans to become plumbers in villages without running water has been awarded pounds 441 in unpaid wages against an Aldridge firm which sacked him Mr Allen Hunt, 58, of Brookvale Road, Erdington, told a Birmingham Employment Tribunal he lost his job with Essential Building Maintenance and Refurbishment Limited, trading as Essential Property Services of Leighswood Road, Aldridge, following disputes with the management.
It has a]so condemned in vitro fertilization in which sperm of ovum of a third person is used (heterologous in vitro fertilization) because, in addition, it violates the reciprocal commitment of the spouses and shows a grave lack of regard for that essential property of marriage which is unity.
They are meant to provide funding to help restore essential property back to basic pre-disaster, functional condition where no other options are available.
One essential property of these ultra-fine particles is their volatility, which indicates that we are not looking at toner dust," the researcher adds.
Some recently proposed counterexamples to the traditional definition of essential property do not require a separate logic of essence.
This capability not only supports customer quality needs and improves coding consistency, but also defines inter-coder agreement, an essential property of our supervised learning NLP technology.
The NJIUA is an association created by the state of New Jersey in 1968 to provide essential property insurance to any person unable to obtain insurance coverage.
With Liberty Mutual, ALM and Wausau, LMG Property is combining three exceptional operations to deliver essential property underwriting, claims and loss prevention engineering services to all segments of the commercial marketplace," Mr.
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