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Synonyms for essence

Synonyms for essence

a basic trait or set of traits that define and establish the character of something

Synonyms for essence

any substance possessing to a high degree the predominant properties of a plant or drug or other natural product from which it is extracted

Related Words

the central meaning or theme of a speech or literary work

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where the uppercase Greek letters stand for essential properties but their superscripts make it clear that the properties are second-order properties, and the lowercase Greek letters with their superscript ranges indicate a similar thing for the accidental properties.
By limiting itself to the essential properties of law, contemporary jurisprudence marginalizes the various dimensions of coercion and renders their examination difficult even from a philosophical perspective.
First of all, substance (jawhar) changes in accordance with the change of its essential properties.
Synergy pigments were created by, the company to offer alternatives to high performance pigments tit reduced costs without sacrificing essential properties.
Discovery's technology produces an engineered version of natural human lung surfactant that is designed to provide the essential properties of human lung surfactant.
While pigments provide the color and are most noticeable, varnishes and vehicles are responsible for carrying the pigments to the substrate and making sure that the ink has the essential properties that printers require.
This paper will serve as a guide for those wanting to begin to understand how to achieve the essential properties that specific manufacturing conditions require.
List of Tables Table 1: US Federal Grants, Automotive Sector, 2013 Table 2: Types of Automotive Adhesives, Description Table 3: Automotive Adhesives, Essential Properties, By Polymer Type Table 4: US Adhesive Company Average Cost Structure, 2005-11 Table 5: Properties of Epoxy Adhesives Table 6: Comparison between One-component and Two-component Polyurethane Adhesives Table 7: Automotive Polyurethane Adhesives, Applications in Automotive Table 8: Automotive Acrylic Adhesives, Applications Table 9: US Average Material Content of Light Vehicles, By Weight, 2009-12 (lbs.
The core of this new modalist account is a sparseness restriction, such that an object's essential properties are those sparse properties it has in every world in which it exists.
Nevertheless, Ahmed uses his criticism of intuition to question the essentiality of material origin and material constitution, and undermine the argument for the essential properties of natural kinds.
The essential properties, unity and indissolubility, are also inscribed in the very being of marriage, since in no way are they laws extrinsic to it.
The VCG auction has two essential properties that distinguish it from other auction models:
It is further argued that knowledge of the essences of states, and essential properties that belong to states, may be an example of the elusive scientia intuitiva or third kind of knowledge.
The Company's technology is intended to produce a precision-engineered surfactant that is designed to closely mimic the essential properties of natural human lung surfactant; this technology is intended for use as surfactant replacement therapies for respiratory diseases.
Corrosion is the deterioration of essential properties in a metal, due to reactions with its surroundings.
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