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a city in western Germany

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Essen BioScience's assays and instrumentation used for drug discovery and basic research applications, from SFW Capital Partners, a specialised private equity firm that invests in mid-sized businesses providing analytical tools and related services.
5 April 2017 - German biopharmaceutical industry and laboratories equipment provider Sartorius (FWB: SRT) has closed the acquisition of US based cell-based assays and instrumentation provider Essen BioScience Inc.
Essen BioScience, which specializes in instrumentation, software and reagents for real-time live-cell imaging and data analysis, helps users accelerate discovery and development of new drugs by providing insight into the mechanisms of disease.
Pharmaceutical and laboratory equipment supplier Sartorius AG (ETR:SRT3) has acquired US-based Essen Bioscience, a leader in the field of real-time live-cell analysis, the company has just announced in a statement.
I have only been there twice since I sold it four years ago to von Essen and it appeared to have been allowed to deteriorate.
5m by Christie &Co, on behalf of Ernst & Young, the administrators of Von Essen.
Richard A Navarre, Peabody Energy president and chief commercial officer, said, 'Germany is a European commodities hub, and the Essen office further strengthens our access to growing markets for seaborne coal on the Continent.
Von Essen hotels, a hotel and spa operator in UK, has installed Sensiq guest communications portal from Quadriga, a company offering hotel Internet solutions.
The visitors to the Essen Motor Show will decide on the final winner.
REIFEN 2006 Tire Exhibition, Essen, Germany, Messe Essen, www.
Hypothekenbank in Essen AG ("Bank"), Essen, Germany, a foreign bank within the meaning of the International Banking Act ("IBA"), has applied under section 10(a) of the IBA (12 U.
based Dirks, Van Essen & Murray, which handled most of those deals.
Security 2002, the world's largest international security trade show, will take place in Essen, Germany, October 8-11, 2002, at the Messe Essen Convention Center.
21, New York City Mayor Rudolph Giuliani, Fire Commissioner Thomas Von Essen, and Forest City Ratner president Bruce C.