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a member of a North American Indian people living on the California coast near Monterey

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the Hokan language spoken by the Esselen

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The South African Minitrack station, located in the grounds of the [then] South African Railways Training College at Esselen Park, was located a short distance to the west of the now R21 between Johannesburg and Pretoria It became one of the most successful stations in the world.
Breschini and Trudy Haversat, The Esselen Indians of the Big Sur Country: The Land and the People (Salinas, CA: Coyote Press, 2004).
Louise Miranda Ramirez, who chairs the Ohlone Costanoan Esselen Nation, has been on-site overseeing the excavation.
The Esselen people prefer to leave remains where they are found, but if that is not an option, the remains are removed and buried elsewhere, Ramirez said.
California is considered one of the world's linguistic treasure troves; it has produced perhaps 100 languages, including Esselen from Carmel and Obispeno from Santa Barbara--both now extinct.
His customers today are more ``health-conscious,'' said Tom Nason, a descendant of the Esselen American Indian tribe who is known as Little Bear.
Once camp was set up, Breschini led the women to a sandstone formation about a mile from the group's Pine Valley camp, where he pointed out a series of eroded and weathered rock paintings made about 200 years earlier by Esselens.
Here, where Esselen Indian middens can still be found, coddled organic gardens slope toward the Pacific; students--not too blissed out, all things considered--stroll to classes like The Master's Journey and Owning the Shadow or soak in the hot spring--fed pools with the 115[degrees] water and the 270[degrees] Pacific view.
Esselen Award for Chemistry in the Public Interest from the Northeastern Section of the American Chemical Society (NESACS).
The Esselen Award is presented annually to recognize and reward a U.
Meanwhile, the highly successful Esselen Street Clinic in Hillbrow, Johannesburg, which mainly treats sex workers, will soon be replicated in Pretoria and Ekurhuleni.
Maria Sibanyoni, project manager for the WRHHRI's Sex-Work and Trucker Project, is based at Hillbrow's Esselen Street Clinic.
The Esselen left stunning rock paintings in backcountry caves and struggled to maintain their independence as colonial forces surrounded them after 1770.
Illustrated with some 200 color photographs, this book by basketry researchers Shanks and Shanks appears to be aimed at those who wish to be able to recognize, appreciate, and distinguish between baskets of the Pomo, Ohlone, Coast Miwok, Esselen, Huchnom, Lake Miwok, Maidu, Nomlaki, Patwin, Plains Miwok, Sierra Miwok, Wappo, and Yuki people of California.
27) Forming about 10% of McLellan's purchases, the paintings he bought from Smith, which included fine works by Ruysch, Van Huysum, Esselens and Teniers, (28) are representative of the eclectic (if uneven) nature of his collection, reflecting its guiding rationale.