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(Middle Ages) an attendant and shield bearer to a knight

a title of respect for a member of the English gentry ranking just below a knight

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Bois-Guilbert did the same; and his esquire remarked, as he clasped his visor, that his face, which had, notwithstanding the variety of emotions by which he had been agitated, continued during the whole morning of an ashy paleness, was now become suddenly very much flushed.
Horatio Fizkin, Esquire, of Fizkin Lodge, demanded a poll, and a poll was fixed accordingly.
This was the gentleman's way of appealing to Edward Dorrit, Esquire, on whom he pounced as a great and providential relief.
Edward Dorrit, Esquire, led a little apart by the button, assumed a diplomatic expression of countenance in replying, 'Why you must confess, that when you bespeak a lot of rooms beforehand, and they belong to you, it's not pleasant to find other people in 'em.
If that's the case--' Edward Dorrit, Esquire, began.
He then looked steadfastly at Edward Dorrit, Esquire, for some seconds, and suddenly added, in a burst of confidence, 'Old feller
To be sister-in-law to George Osborne, Esquire, son of John Osborne, Esquire, son of--what was your grandpapa, Mr.
This Rochefort," cried Porthos, "if I were the esquire of poor Chalais, should pass a minute or two very uncomfortably with me.
Cooks Global Foods operates the Esquires Coffee brand, is continuing its sweeping global expansion as it signs a master franchise deal to launch Esquires Coffee Houses in Northern Cyprus.
Kiwi brothers Stuart and Lewis Deeks started an Esquires coffee franchise here in 2002, now they have bought the Canadian owner.
I'm a creature of habit and every Friday morning I drop my son off for karate training and settle down for my special treat-of-the-week, a cup of Esquires coffee accompanied by a scrambled egg breakfast on healthy brown toast.
Newcastle's Eldon Square was the venue for Esquires Coffee House's Barista competition final, which saw three of the chain's best employees battling it out for the coveted title of Esquires' Best National Barista.
FREE COLD DRINK FOR EVERY READER Voucher FREE COLD DRINK FOR EVERY READER THE Journal is giving you the chance to try any Esquires cold drink from the menu board tomorrow only for FREE
Although there are a number of coffee shop franchises in the kingdom, few offer the dazzling combination of Fair Trade and organic brews that are served up at Esquires in Sr.
TO CELEBRATE the opening of the new Esquires coffee house on St George's Way in Eldon Square, your Chronicle is offering every reader the chance to try any Esquires coffee or any drink from the Esquires menu board on Fridays in February for FREE