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Synonyms for Esquimau

a member of a people inhabiting the Arctic (northern Canada or Greenland or Alaska or eastern Siberia)

the language spoken by the Eskimo

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En 1972, la revue reproduit un rapport d'Henri Goudreault (47) sur <<l'effort missionnaire aupres des Indiens et des Esquimaux du Canada>>.
As the Athenaeum reported "from the highest official authority" on 27 November 1847, for instance, British searching expeditions were specifically instructed to "communicate with the various tribes of Esquimaux, in expectation of gleaning some tidings of the discovery ships," and it was tacitly acknowledged in searchers' instructions that travelling Inuits were the most likely of any parties to offer guidance to the searches (1220).
Harrington, a telegraph worker at the Western Union construction camp near Teller, wrote The Esquimaux longhand, binding it with bent pins and releasing it Oct.
Back in time, when outsiders knew Inuit only as Eskimos, many variations of the spelling of this word existed, a common one being Esquimaux.
lt;< aux sources des folklores francais, irlandais ou esquimaux (sic), et [font] de cette riche matiere musicale un principe de leur esthetique >> (1964 : 15-16).
Whenever the Irish were mentioned in my presence, an Esquimaux group circling round the fire which was to dress a dinner, or broil an enemy, was the image which presented itself to my mind' (pp.
She would "live with him in the eye of fashion, or in the shade of retirement--change my country, my sex--feast with him in an Esquimaux hut, or a Persian pavilion--join him in the victorious war-dance on the borders of Lake Ontario, or sleep to the soft breathings of the flute in the cinnamon groves of Ceylon--dig with him in the mines of Golconda, or enter the dangerous precincts of the Mogul's Seraglio--cheat him of his wishes, and overturn his empire to restore the Husband of my Heart to the blessings of Liberty and Love" (4.
The Esquimaux [Eskimo] used a long spear in hunting the polar bear.
Les autres segments qui investissent cette demande: les barres, les esquimaux et les cones (0,12 a 0,47 dollar).
Smith describes Hearne's representation of the same scene in A Journey as "the cumulatively horrifying tragedy of the slaughter of the Esquimaux gain[ing] a strange power from the tender sensibility of the helpless narrator" (53).
Instead, she repeatedly refers to herself and her family as "half-breeds": "Such was life among the half-breeds in Esquimaux Bay" (24 December 1894).
on their banjos (everybody has one) and everywhere you see Choctaws in blankets and cowboys with six-shooters and Chinese and Mexicans and Esquimaux and Mormons" (19).
Kane, in High Arctic Greenland in 1853-55, came up with a uniquely contradictory description of one particular Eskimo woman: "Six Esquimaux, three of them women,--that ugly beauty, Nessark's wife, at the head of them,--had come off to the boats for shelter from the gale.
Nay, what food or experience or succour have they for the Esquimaux sealhunter, for the Kanaka in his canoe, for the fisherman, the stevedore, the porter?
Avec ce dernier, Horden commence a transcrire en syllabique le Watt's First Catechism in Esquimaux dont Harper mentionne une version en caracteres romains dans les archives intitulee <<My Esquimaux Book>> et dont on sait qu'une version est publiee en 1869.