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strong black coffee brewed by forcing hot water under pressure through finely ground coffee beans

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By applying the scientific method, illy has given the consumer the greatest gift -- the highest quality Italian Espresso coffee each and every cup.
A key component in the flavor of espresso is Crema (Italian for "cream") a golden foam on the surface of espresso coffee.
Illycaffe, with its head office in Trieste, Italy, produces a blend of Espresso coffee under a single brand name which is a quality leader in the 140 countries where it is commercialized.
44 GMT , the first espresso coffee was drunk in space.
Lavazza provides Espresso Machines, gourmet espresso coffee, coffee pods and essentials, and more.
I SAW a pink espresso coffee maker in a magazine, but when I tried to order one they had sold out.
During the period of the last 12 months ending 2nd January 2010 the illy espresso coffee brand grew its value by 19%, whereas the market for roast and ground grew by less.
Both Iced Dunkaccino and Iced Dunkalatte are made with a real espresso coffee, delicious cocoa and caramel ingredients plus creamy milk and then served chilled to iced perfection.
Quiz of the Day ANSWERS: 1 Hanna-Barbera; 2 The espresso coffee machine; 3 The Doldrums; 4 Wendy Craig; 5 St Patrick; 6 Malta; 7 Lon Chaney Snr; 8 Pete Sampras; 9 Aurora Australis; 10 The Bill.
We select only the finest Arabica beans and roast them to perfection to bring you the highest quality espresso coffee, he said, adding that the group's mission is to create luxurious, welcoming stores that provide a haven from the cut and thrust of everyday life.
A laptop, espresso coffee maker and MP3 player are among the prizes up for grabs.
50), the one here potently flavored with espresso coffee sauce.
99DUALIT chrome espresso coffee maker features single and double cup options which can take filter coffee or espresso pods.
Manufactured by Milk Link, the UK's third largest integrated dairy business, Moo Cappuccino has also been recommended by Brasilia, a leading provider of espresso coffee machines.
In Milwaukee, Wiconsin, my home town, if you ask for an espresso coffee, they still think you want it real quick.